Real Estate Investing

The Perfect Starter Deal for New Multifamily Investors – EP 347

Josh Cantwell shares how big the perfect multifamily starter deal should be, what it should cost you, and where you’ll find it.

Harry Dent on How Investors Can Capitalize on Political and Financial Upheaval – EP 346

In today’s episode, Harry Dent dig into his powerful methodology for accurately predicting boom and bust cycles.

Brand Syndication: Big Takeaways from Our FPI Live Event – EP 345

In today’s episode, Josh Cantwell share some of the biggest takeaways from the FPI Live Event on the power of brand syndication. Market Outlook: How Today’s Economy Impacts Tomorrow’s Real Estate Markets with Daren Blomquist – EP 344

Daren Blomquist, VP Market Economics at talks about the economic indicators that make the case for and against a recession.

Seasonality: Operational Risks to Your Business #6 – EP 343

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to keep your tenants in to stop your properties from hitting the market at the wrong time.

Pressured to Sell or Refi at the Wrong Time: Operational Risks to Your Business #5 – EP 342

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to use long-term debt to protect yourself from skyrocketing interest rates.

The Candid Truth to Building a $1.2B Real Estate Portfolio with Lane Kawaoka – EP 341

Lane Kawaoka is a real estate syndicator, family office advisor, coach, and mentor. He currently owns over 8,000 units and over $1.2B in AUM

Jamie Bateman on Creating Forever Passive Income with Mortgage Note Investing – EP 340

Jamie Bateman is the Founder of Labrador Lending. He became an active real estate investor in 2010 and specializes in mortgage notes.

How to Weather the Storm of Rising Insurance Costs with Calvin Roberts – EP 339

Calvin Roberts is an executive at Falcon Insurance Agency of Michigan with a unique focus in real estate risk management.

Tips for Building a Massive Following on Social Media with Martin Perdomo – EP 338

Martin Perdomo is the Elite Strategist, a certified mindset coach and speaker with a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio.