Real Estate Investing

28 Riverside Case Study: A Great Starter Deal – EP 371

In today’s episode, I want to give you a clear explanation of the why behind 28 Riverside and have it cash flowing within a year.

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Leveraging Broker-Dealers to Raise Big Money with Brad Blazar – EP 370

Brad Blazar is the author of the fantastic book Winning at the Capital Game and a highly sought-after speaker on raising capital.

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5 Tips for New Real Estate Investors with Will Matheson – EP 369

Today, Will Matheson shares how he started small and built a proven record of success and how the market has changed post-COVID.

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The Entrepreneurial Cheat Code with Mike Gleba – EP 368

Mike Gleba is the Founder and CEO of One 10 Media, a highly successful digital marketing agency that helps DTC eCommerce brands.

Read More Market Outlook: Indicators of a Resilient Housing Market with Daren Blomquist – EP 367

Daren Blomquist talks about how interest rates have affected the housing market, where housing prices should be relative to income.

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The Autopilot Approach to Raising Capital with Yakov Smart – EP 366

Yakov Smart is the leader of the Investor Attraction Academy and a highly sought-after authority who helps real estate entrepreneurs.

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220 Chevy Case Study: Increased Value from $11.65M to $18.4M in 18 Months! – EP 365

It today’s 220 Chevy case study, you’ll find out how we successfully filled our vacancies and created long-term wealth.

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Pivoting from Residential to Commercial Real Estate with Josh Cantwell – EP 364

Today, you’ll learn why I pivoted from residential to commercial real estate. What I needed to learn in order to break into multifamily.

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Two Ways that the 3 Types of Income Are Taxed with Josh Cantwell – EP 363

Today, you’ll learn how the 3 types of income are taxed and why true passive income turns a profit while reporting a loss.

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The Three Phases of Creating Build-to-Rent Communities with Flint Jamison – EP 362

Today, Flint Jamison talks about the 94-unit townhome community he’s raising capital on right now & the 3 phases of build-to-rent communities.

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