Creating a Winning Company Culture: Corey’s Secrets to Motivating and Inspiring Employees – Corey Peterson- Ep 398

Corey Peterson is a seasoned real estate entrepreneur and the owner of Kahuna Investments. Known affectionately as the "Big Kahuna," Corey has built a portfolio that specializes in multifamily and student housing properties, spanning over seven states. With a diverse real estate investment portfolio, Corey believes in the power of affecting positive change in people's lives beyond generating profits. He has recently transitioned into vertically integrated property management, emphasizing company culture and operational efficiency within his investment approach.

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Build Your REI Dream Team – Josh Cantwell- Ep 397

Josh Cantwell discusses the importance of building a strong network of professionals in the real estate industry. He emphasizes the need to connect with commercial real estate brokers, CPAs, property management companies, contractors, and other key players in order to succeed in the business. Josh shares his own experiences and provides valuable insights on how to find and network with these professionals. He also highlights the significance of scale and the importance of raising capital to expand one's real estate portfolio.

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9 Commandments of Multi-family Investing – Josh Cantwell- Ep 396

In this episode, Josh discusses the nine commandments of multifamily investing and the eight ways to get paid from multifamily deals. He emphasizes the importance of investing for immediate cash flow and highlights the concept of the "promote" in syndication deals. Josh also shares insights on securing long-term debt, having adequate cash reserves, and the significance of location in real estate investments. He concludes by stressing the need for multiple exit strategies and always getting paid when buying a property.

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The 7 Red Flags of Passive Real-Estate Investing – Taylor Loht- Ep 395

Taylor Loht is a real estate investor and educator who specializes in teaching busy professionals how to build passive wealth through real estate investments. With over $250,000,000 in commercial real estate experience, Taylor focuses on self-storage and multifamily investments. He is based in Virginia and has a strong track record in the industry.

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The Power of Patience with Real-Estate Investing – Marcos Martinez- Ep 394

Marcos Martinez is a real estate investor and co-founder of Westiron Capital. With over eight years of experience in the industry, Marcos has successfully transitioned from wholesaling to apartment building syndication. He is passionate about creating passive income and helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. Marcos is also the head of Westiron Construction, where he oversees the capex side of projects in the Denver metro area. He is known for his strong work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to building meaningful relationships within the industry.

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3 Types of Apartment Syndication with Josh Cantwell- Ep 393

Josh Cantwell briefly touches on turnkey cash flow deals, which are properties that are already at market value and do not require significant renovations. Lastly, he mentions deep construction or distressed properties, which are not recommended for newer investors due to the high level of renovation and the need for bridge financing.

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┬áReal Estate Journey and Success with Tony Gillingham – Ep 392

In this episode, Tony Gillingham shares his real estate journey and how he found success in the industry. He discusses his early experiences buying duplexes and single-family homes, as well as his transition to larger multifamily properties. Tony explains how he came across Josh Cantwell and joined his mastermind program, which has been instrumental in his growth as a real estate investor. He highlights the importance of mentorship and the support he has received from Josh and the program's community. Tony also talks about his current projects, including a 38-unit townhouse complex and a trailer park, and shares his...

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Active Investing, Passive Investing and Real-Estate Syndication with Brian Davis – Ep 391

In this episode, Josh interviews Brian Davis, a real estate investor and founder of Spark Rental. Brian shares his personal journey as an investor and discusses his transition from active investing to passive investing. He also talks about his investment club, which allows individuals to invest in real estate syndication projects with smaller amounts of money. Brian emphasizes the importance of diversification and conservative underwriting when selecting sponsors to invest with. He also provides insights into his lifestyle as an entrepreneur living overseas and offers advice on designing an ideal life based on individual priorities.

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