Real Estate Investing

The Latest Marketing Strategies: Insights from Mike Gleba – Ep 388

Mike Gleba is a seasoned marketing expert with over ten years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer. He now runs his own agency, 110 Media, where he helps ecommerce brands and coaches grow their businesses. Mike specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as email marketing. With a focus on scaling businesses, Mike’s expertise lies in driving customer acquisition and increasing lifetime value for his clients.

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The Future of Real Estate Investing: Opportunities and Challenges ahead with Daren Blomquist – Ep 387

Darren Blumquist is the VP of Market Economics at He is an expert in real estate market trends and provides valuable insights into the state of the economy and real estate investing.

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The Wealthy Women’s Way with Liz Faircloth – Ep 386

Liz Faircloth is a real estate investor and entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience. She is the co-founder of the DeRosa Group, a real estate investment firm with a $130 million portfolio. Liz is also the co-founder of The Real Estate InvestHER, a community and platform that empowers women to live financially free on their own terms.

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Invest For Cash Flow With Tom Burns – EP 385

Tom Burns is a former orthopedic surgeon and physician for the US ski team.

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The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: A Story of Perseverance – EP 384

Josh’s Crucial Question: Are You Putting in Enough Time & Effort? 🕒 Learn Why 4 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 52 Weeks a Year Matters! 💰💡

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4 Traits That Accelerate Success in Life and Your Business with Caleb Johnson – EP 383

Today, Caleb Johnson talks about the 4 traits that accelerate success in life and business: responsibility to others and never quitting.

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Big Reasons to Be Bullish About Multifamily Real Estate with Neal Bawa – EP 382

Neal Bawa is the founder of UGro and Grocapitus and known as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily with a $1B real estate portfolio and over 900 investors.

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Maverick Mastermind Exclusive Featuring Cos Vasilatos – EP 381

Constantine “Cos” Vasilatos is President & COO of Cypress Venture Group, which invests in commercial multifamily and self-storage.

Read More Market Outlook: Deflation in a Recessionary Market with Daren Blomquist – EP 380

Today, Daren Blomquist discusses high-level KPIs, housing supply, distressed markets, consumer spending trends, and cautious bullishness.

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Rehabbing New Properties to Prevent Future Headaches with Jennifer Barner – EP 379

Jennifer Barner is the owner and syndicator of over 1,900 doors. She’s also the host of the Mastering Money for Moms podcast.

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