Real Estate Investing

How to Become a Best-in-Class Operator Randy Langenderfer – EP 329

Randy Langenderfer is the CEO of InvestArk and helps busy professionals access vetted, cash-flowing real estate investing opportunities.

Property Manager Neglect: Operational Risks to Your Business #3 with Josh Cantwell – EP 328

In this episode, you’ll learn how to avoid bleeding money and the critical differences between a bad property manager and a good one.

Stacking Assets & Filling Your Pipeline with Off-Market Deals with Ryan Corcoran – EP 327

Ryan Corcoran is the founder and CEO of Specialized Property Group and shares tips for finding incredible off-market deals. Market Outlook: Buying Opportunities with a Backlog of Distressed Mortgages with Daren Blomquist – EP 326

Daren Blomquist talks about why housing prices in 2023 are all but guaranteed to drop and which markets are likely to be riskiest.

Mike Woodfield on Getting in Front of the Growth in Gateway Markets – Ep 325

Mike Woodfield is a partner and COO of Obsidian Capital, focusing on value-add multifamily properties to achieve stability.

Generating Wealth with The Steady Performance of Self Storage Investing with Tom Dunkel – EP 324

Today, Tom talks about why the demand for self storage is at an all-time high and shares tips on adding self storage investments to your portfolio

CapEx Expenses and Going Over Budget: Operational Risks to Your Business #2

Today, I’ll be sharing six tips that will help keep your CapEx expenses in line and your value-add projects on schedule and within budget. Market Outlook: The Next Recession’s Impact on the Housing Market with Daren Blomquist – EP 322

Daren Blomquist is the in-house economist for, where he sifts through real estate data to help businesses make better decisions.

Lack of a Business Plan: Operational Risks to Your Business #1 – EP 321

In my new series titled, Operational Risks to Your Business, you’ll learn the difference between 3 business plans for multifamily properties.

Todd Dexheimer on the Massive Opportunities in Residential Assisted Living Real Estate – EP 320

Todd Dexheimer is the principal of Endurus Capital and VitaCare Living and the host of the Pillars of Wealth Creation Podcast.