Real Estate Investing

Passive Real Estate Investing for Busy Professionals with Harry Nima Zegarra – EP 278

Dr. Harry Nima Zegarra is a very successful physician and real estate investor. He’s the principal in a 105-unit acquisition.

Case Study: LOI to the PSA in 10 Steps with Josh Cantwell – EP 277

In today’s episode, I want to walk you through how our LOI set the framework for our PSA and what we did to get the best possible terms.

Running A High-Octane Offense for Success in Real Estate with Tone Robinson – Ep 276

In today’s episode, Tone talks about how he helps investors and why education is much more important than trying to predict any market.

Becca Hintergardt on The 6 Steps to Living Internationally on Passive Income – EP 275

In today’s episode, Becca talks about the 6 steps you need to take to move internationally and live off of your passive income.

One Simple Trick to Stop Procrastinating with Josh Cantwell – EP 274

Today is all about overcoming procrastination, not just in writing cash flow studies but in anything you want (or need) to do. Market Outlook: Inflation, Migration, and Profitable Opportunities with Daren Blomquist – EP 273

Daren Blomquist and I dig into the potential for a recession and how inflation affects us all and where buyers are seeing opportunities.

Chris Litzler on Protecting Yourself from Inflationary Real Estate Markets – EP 272

Chris Litzler is my capital broker and a Senior Director of Originations at Marcus & Millichap, where he arranges debt and advises on equity.

Handling Bank Draws: Pro Forma Vs. Reality with Josh Cantwell – EP 271

Today, I will share a real example of pro forma vs reality, how to handle bank draws and explain yourself when things got complicated.

Real Estate Syndication: From Canada to the Sun Belt with Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz – EP 270

Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz share how they find incredible deals in the Sun Belt and solve pain points for real estate investors.

How to Build (and Keep) a $200M Staff with Josh Cantwell – EP 269

Today, I’m talking about why having mutual respect between your employees, no matter what their role is, is critical to your success.