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Avoid and Refuse Toxic Negativity – Elite Entrepreneur Trait #4 – EP 300

In this episode, you’ll learn how to cut negative, toxic energy out of your life. And how to identify this energy and redirect it. Market Outlook: Supply & Demand, Market Slowdowns and Buying at a Discount with Daren Blomquist – EP 299

Daren Blomquist is the Vice President of Market Economics at He’s a regular guest on CNBC, CNN, and other major news outlets.

Super Time Management Skills – Elite Entrepreneur Trait #3 – 298

Today, you’ll hear my tips around time management skills. Whether you’re building a real estate portfolio or just about any other business.

Producing Passive Income for Financial Independence with Matt Picheny – EP 297

Matt Picheny is an investor in 10,000 units of apartments as both a sponsor and general partner and as a limited partner.

Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life: Elite Entrepreneur Trait #2 – EP 296

Today, we’re talking about what it truly means to take 100% responsibility for your life and to design and build your own life on your terms.

Learning about Commercial Real Estate Syndications The Easy Way with Andrew Schutsky – EP 295

Andrew Schutsky is the founder of Redline Equity, LLC. He got into his first two deals as a general partner only five months into his career.

Invest for Cash Flow Now: Elite Entrepreneur Trait #1 – EP 294

In this episode, you’ll learn about elite entrepreneurs investing for cash flow NOW, how to find deals with it, and why it always works.

Chris Miles on How Cash Flow is the Spark to Better FIRE – EP 293

Chris Miles is the founder of Money Ripples, an Anti-Financial Advisor and he’s the host of The Chris Miles Money Show.

New Series: The 9 Traits of Elite Entrepreneurs – EP 292

I’ve broken down a list of 9 traits that all elite entrepreneurs have and decided to cover each in this new series of Accelerated Investor.

Post Pandemic Strategies for Investing in Self Storage with Scott Krone – EP 291

Scott Krone is the owner and founder of Coda Management and One Stop Self Storage and he’s built a massive self-storage portfolio.