#026: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula Part 8 (Step 10)

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So, hey, welcome back to Accelerated Investor, we are in the middle of our discussion, actually not in the middle anymore we’re actually at the end this is the last step. I’m talking about peak performance. I don’t care what you do, I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what business you’re in. I don’t care what your profession is if you’re a mother, you’re a father, you’re a single parent, you’re not a parent, you know, you I don’t care what you do. All of us want to perform at a higher level. All of us want to achieve more, have more, and just be a bigger, better version of ourselves. And you know, these last several episodes and shows of Accelerated Investor, we’ve really driven home our 10 step process. And so step number 10, our last and final step is what we call the new you.

And so after reflecting on steps one through nine, the question now becomes, what does this new extra, ordinary life look like for you at the next level, okay. What does this extra ordinary life look like for you? Step one, step through all the way through step nine, what I want you to do is even if you haven’t yet taken action on steps one through nine, I want you to look back and refer to all your notes and all the, you know all the different notes that you’ve taken. Listening to these eight episodes, these 10 steps, and I want you to think about right now, what does the new you look like after accomplishing this? After successfully going through these 10 steps, what is the new you look like, right? How fit are you? What kind of foods are you eating? What kind of business do you have?

How much passive recurring income do you make from your business or from your real estate investments? How happy are you in your relationships and your marriage? You know, with your relationships, with your parents, your kids, your grandkids? How happy are you in your relationships with your significant other, your partner, whatever that looks like for you? Imagine that now, now that you’ve gone through these 10 steps, I want you to think about, write down and draw. Now so what I’ve done is I’ve actually drawn out and I’m a horrible drawer. I’m not good at art doll. My mom was awesome at art. My brothers are good at art. Me and my dad are 100% focused on business. We’re good at numbers. I can draw a real pretty three, like the number three or a number eight but that’s about it. I don’t have any, you know, any art in my blood whatsoever.

So my mom and dad were very, very different in that way. When my mom was really good at art, my dad was really good at numbers and business. I took 100% after my dad and my brother mark took 100% really after my mom and my brother matt is a little bit in the middle, but what I want you to do is physically take a piece of paper right now and draw, draw your life at the next level. As ugly as it might be, as goofy as that might look, whether it’s stick figures, whatever that looks like, if that’s a picture of you on the beach with a six pack with your, your friends and your family all around you and your car and your, you know, whatever it is that you wanted to drive and this amazing new house that you want to live in.

Draw it. Imagine it. Because if you draw it, the difference that I thought and what’s worked for me is not only envisioning in my head, but physically putting pen to paper, pencil the paper, colored pencil to paper, drawing it out. As goofy as that may sound, allows me to take the vision that’s in my head and put it on a piece of paper. And if I see that on a piece of paper, I can frame it, I can save it. And this is the new me, the new you, six months from now, a year from now, two years from now, five years from now, the new you at the next level, right? So reflect, imagine and draw the new you at the next level. What does that look like for you? How does that feel, right? Because the more you can make that step number 10 the new you real, the rest of you is just going to start moving in that direction because that feels and looks and smells so much better than where you’re at today.

Make it internal, right? Draw it, reflect on it, visualize it, write it down. Where does the new you look like at the next level? That’s step number 10, the new you. And so in our 10 step peak performance, step number one was getting absolutely clear about the end result. What exactly did you want to accomplish, right? Step number two was to have strong enough reasons why you wanted to accomplish that. Whether it was you know, pain you were running away from pleasure you were pursuing. What does that look like? What are those reasons? Step number three was acknowledge poor behaviors, right? Just acknowledge them. Write them down, draw them out. What are the things, the behaviors, the habits that have caused negative outcomes that you need to avoid going forward? Step number four, create your new action plan. What is your new action plan for weight loss or for, you know, getting free of clear of, you know, things that you know, depend on substances or food or whatever that looks like.

What’s your new action plan for creating your new business, your new seven figure eight figure business? What’s your new action plan for creating deeper, better relationships? What’s your action plan for building your real estate portfolio, right? What’s your action plan? Step number five was to decide. Make the decision right out of all the alternatives, make the decision. Then step number six was take massive action. Step number four was make the action plan. Step number six is take action. Step number seven was take inventory. What was working? What’s not working? What did you have that you thought well, this worked. This didn’t. What metrics do you have? Did you lose weight, right? Do you have more energy? Did you change what you’re eating? Did you invest in a new marketing campaign? Did you buy more properties? Make more offers? What worked, right? Take inventory.

What worked? What did you think like, wow, I didn’t know that most of my results were coming from this or that, and then based on your inventory, step number eight is optimize your plan. Optimize your plan, right? You made a plan, you took action in step five, right now you have a new plan based on the inventory, based on the results that you’ve gotten. You’ve taken inventory, right. Now you’ve got to optimize a new plan, right? Which moves us to step number nine, which is focusing with this new plan, focusing on the 20% that’s getting you all the results, right? There’s got to be a small something that pops out and you say to yourself like, holy crud, I had no idea that most of my results were coming from these one or two or three actions.

And then finally, step number 10 is the new you like envision, imagine, draw out what is the new you? What does that look like? Write it down and visualize it. Draw it on a piece of paper because if you can now focus on what does this new you look like and smell like and feel like what kind of relationships you have, what kind of legacy wealth have you built? That ultimately is where we’re trying to go and if you can feel it, if you can sense it, if you can envision it, it can become reality, okay? Life’s going to throw you some curve balls. This is a project. This is an exercise that you do at least once or twice a year. I encourage you to do it right now. Don’t just listen. Don’t just hear what I’m saying to you, whether you’re again in the car, you’re on your way to pick up your kids from an activity.

You’re at the gym. Maybe you’re listening to this at your desk, you’re listening to this in the shower. Don’t just listen to these 10 steps. Take action on them. Actually get out the piece of paper, get out the pen, get out the notepad, take notes in your digital phone and actually begin this peak performance process, right? And those of you that, I promise you, those of you that take this seriously and do it once or twice a year for the next several years, you are going to outperform, outpace your peers, your objectives and everybody else that listens to this. You are going to become that peak performer that everybody else is jealous of.

Because you took action because you took inventory because you knew the end result that you are trying to pursue because you are willing to understand that you’re going to decide and there’s going to be challenges that you had fear, but you had fear push you from behind, not stand in front of you.

And so that is our 10 step peak performance success formula. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of podcasts, this series of episodes. If you’ve enjoyed it, share it. Give us, you know, some reviews. Tell us what you enjoyed about it. Tell us how we did. Share it on all the social media platforms. Invite your friends to listen to it and I look forward to seeing you again very, very soon inside of iTunes or inside of YouTube or at one of our live events and one of our functions. I hope this has had a massive positive impact on your life.

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Think back to your childhood years in school – when you were really little, and your teacher asked you to draw a picture of what your future would look like.

Maybe you were an all-star basketball player or an astronaut, maybe you owned a mansion, maybe you were travelling around the world, or maybe you had a huge family surrounding you.

Whatever your 5-year-old self drew… it’s probably not what your adult self would draw today. (Or, maybe it is!)

Either way, the idea of drawing your ideal situation – your “new you” – can be an extremely helpful exercise. And it’s actually Step #10 in the 10-Step Peak Performance Success Formula.

Find out why, as awkward as you might feel drawing a picture of your dream life, this can be a vital step toward your success.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, this is an important message to hear as we wrap up the Peak Performance Success Formula series.

What’s Inside:

  • The importance of visualizing the “new” you
  • Why drawing your future is a vital step in this process
  • How often you should assess your progress with the 10-step Peak Performance Success Formula

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