real estate investing

From Military to Millionaire with David Pere – EP 231

David Pere and I chat about how he achieved financial freedom in 2021, and transitioned from active duty into the Marine Corps Reserve

Anthony Metzger on Closing a $11M Deal with ZERO Real Estate Experience! – EP 230

Anthony Metzger shares how he was able to close his first deal, despite not having any credibility, leverage, or experience.

Building Your Real Estate Dream Team – EP 227

I just got off the phone with one of my coaching members, and he posed a very good question that I thought would be great for the podcast.

164 Heights Case Study: How Great Teams Overcome Great Challenges- EP 225

In this case study, I’ll break down our purchase of 164 Heights and show you why great teams can overcome great challenges.

Chris Prefontaine on Getting Paid 3 Times For Every Real Estate Deal You Do – EP 222

Chris Prefontaine only buys real estate “on terms” without using any of his own cash or credit. Today, you’ll learn exactly how he does it!

Vetted Real Estate Syndications for the Passive Investor with Spencer Hilligoss – EP 218

Spencer Hilligoss is CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing — a company that carefully vets sponsors, markets, and deals, to create passive income opportunities for busy professionals (just like you). 

#181: Risk, Reward & the Beauty of Diversifying Investments with Dinesh Gauba

There’s a definite risk every time you invest, and after the nineties dotcom bust, Dinesh Gauba wanted to get his mind right about potentially losing everything again. His solution is what he calls the asymmetric risk-reward.

#111: Having a Direct Relationship with Money

Institutional loans have come to a screeching halt while banks wait for a sign of the direction this economy is going to go in. Even crowdfunding platforms have slowed down as it seems like everyone’s holding their breath. There are going to be some amazing deals on the marketplace in the next six to eighteen months, but your ability to access private money is going to be crucial to your success.

#101: 12 Months To $1 Million

What you do, what you look like, and what you sell don’t actually matter in your business. By focusing on the customer and making your entire business about meeting the needs of your clients, customers, or buyers, you will become successful. Ryan Moran, author of 12 Months to $1 Million, has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in a wide variety of businesses, and he shares with me the fundamentals for making your first million.

#100: The Evolution of REI

On this 100th episode, I thought it would be a great time to talk about big picture thinking with my good friend Kyle Garifo. We step back and look at real estate strategies for the long term, what we wish we’d done sooner in our own businesses, and how we’re preparing for a recession.