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54 Niles Update: Sold for $1.1M in Profit!! – EP 330

Today’s episode is a perfect case study with an update on 54 Niles that we recently sold for over $1.1M in profit.

Patrick Grimes on The 8 Criteria That Multifamily Properties Must Have Before You Buy – EP 308

Patrick is the CEO of Invest on Main Street and a general partner in over 3,000 units and over $300 million in assets under management.

Jon Iannotti on How to Position Yourself in a Changing Market – EP 307

Jon Iannotti is a real estate investor, best-selling author, international speaker, and mentor who has helped hundreds of people.

From $60M in Assets to Zero: A Comeback Story with Mike Morawski – EP 289

Mike Morawski is an author, a real estate trainer, a public speaker, and the Founder and CEO of My Core Intentions.

Focusing On What Brings You Joy with Josh Cantwell – EP 254

In this episode, I want to help you experience joy in every aspect of your life and to focus your work on the things you love doing the most.

Tim Vest on Finding Bigger Profits in Smaller Multifamily Properties – EP 241

Tim Vest is the Founder of Harvest Properties Group, and has more than 15 years of experience in real estate and development.

170 Valley Case Study — Raising $7.5M in 90 Minutes! – EP 238

In today’s episode, I peel back the curtain on a 170-unit deal that I just got under contract, with an expected valuation of $14M.

Improve Credibility and Get More Traffic to Your Website – EP 236

Todd Heitner has graciously offered his services at a discount. If you’ve been struggling with getting a website launched.

Ron LeGrand on Automating the Real Estate Buying Process with No Money Down- EP 233

Ron shares how he automates the real estate process and buys with no money down, and why you should never personally guarantee debt.

From Military to Millionaire with David Pere – EP 231

David Pere and I chat about how he achieved financial freedom in 2021, and transitioned from active duty into the Marine Corps Reserve