goal setting

The Pursuit of Big Wins and True Happiness with Josh Cantwell – EP 247

In this episode, I talk about how to seek happiness in a world that’s never felt more divided and how you can set financial goals.

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#086: Visualize Your Certain Success With Goal Setting

Losing a $50 million dollar portfolio in the real estate crash seems like a cataclysmic event that no one could recover from, but not for Rod Kleif. He has used his goal setting and visualization techniques to rebuild his real estate empire, and he offers up actionable ways that you can too. We talk about the definition of true success for every entrepreneur that is measured by how we give back to our communities, and not just by how many homes we own.

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#026: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula Part 8 (Step 10)

A visual representation of your dream life – the “new you” – can be a great motivator for achieving your peak performance and securing your ultimate goals. No matter who you are, you have a goal that you’d like to achieve. In Part 8 of this podcast series, we explore the final step to help you become a bigger, better version of yourself.

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