#024: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 7 (Steps 8 & 9)

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So Hey, welcome back to Accelerated Investor and we are in the middle of our discussion around peak performance. I hope you’re enjoying it. If you’ve missed the first six or seven episodes that we’ve done, you’ve got to go back and listen to them. This is going to be a really fun episode and a really fun talking to point about peak performance. But you know, you’ve got to go through all these steps right now we’re talking about step eight and step nine. If you’ve missed steps one through seven, you got to go back and listen to those other episodes and get caught up. Right now we’re talking about step number eight, which is optimize your plan, right? So remember in step seven we talked about taking inventory step. Step 8 was take inventory of what’s working 30, 60, 90 days metrics, what’s working, what sales already making the average order card size for an ECOM business.

You know, deals that we’re doing, how much revenue profit, how much legacy wealth are they creating a for investing in real estate or investing in, you know, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, whatever. Even though I don’t invest in those, and I’m not really a big believer in those, some people are. So, you know, where does that ultimately lead you? And we, in step number seven, we took inventory. Now step number eight is to optimize your plan, right? We took inventory, the inventory of what worked, what didn’t. The metrics tells a story. Now we’ve got to come back with our team, whether it’s with our spouse, whether it’s our family, whether it’s in our business, and we’ve got to say, okay, now what’s our new plan based on what we’ve learned?

All right, so let’s say you’re working out for 30, 60, 90 days and you’ve lost 10 pounds and there’s certain exercises that you’re doing that give you more energy. There’s certain foods that you’re eating that are giving you more energy. There’s certain days of the week where you feel like you have more energy. There’s certain times in a day where you have better workouts. You’ve taken inventory in step number seven. Now step number eight is to optimize your plan, which is now reset your plan, right. Remember in step five, we decided what we were going to do. Step number six was we took massive action. Step number seven was we’re taking any inventory.

Now, step number eight is we’ve learned some things. Now we’ve got to optimize our plans. So what do you need to change about your plan? What are you going to do differently to make things work even better, to get even closer to your goals, whether they’re, again, relationship goals. Let’s say you know you’ve got a relationship that you’ve had kind of burned the bridge on and you really want to bring that relationship back to life and maybe you’ve reached out, you’ve sent a text message, you’ve made a phone call. Maybe you’ve sent a personal letter.

You know, what did they do to that person that maybe you have this broken relationship with, have they responded? How did they respond right? Now it’s optimize your plan. What do you need to change about yourself? Maybe you learned something about the reason why that relationship became fractured was because you said something dumb. You said something mean you did something that the other person didn’t agree with and they were willing to sever or break off that relationship with you. And now you’ve learned from them in talking with them or writing the letter or sending a text or having a phone call, you’ve learned now what was it that made them mad or perturb them, what got them upset? Now need to optimize your plan. What are you going to change? What are you going to do differently to lose the weight, to build the business, to get in better shape?

What are you going to do differently to have better relationships? Save more money, invest more wisely, optimize your plan based on what you’ve learned. And step number nine is to now refocus and take new action again, based on the 20%, right? We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule or Pareto’s Principle, right? Are you truly focusing in on the 20% that’s going to get you 80% of your results, right? Maybe you need to give somebody else some forgiveness for something they did wrong to repair a relationship, right? And maybe you need to realize that you can’t work out on, you know, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Sundays, you’re just too busy. So how do you optimize your plan, right, and focus in on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, okay? So when you laser focus in on what’s the 20% that’s getting you 80% of the results now just really go all in on that.

That is step number nine. Laser focus on Pareto’s Principle, the 20% and again, if you’re investing in real estate and you realize, you know, wow, I’ve gotten most of my legacy wealth has come from investing in the multifamily and apartments. Well just plant your flag and say, I’m not going to invest in office buildings anymore. If you may, you know, you’re making significant gains in the small balance multifamily space, then just stop investing in residential altogether. Plant your flag and say, I only invest in small balance commercial. If you’re having a lot of success wholesaling properties, you know, and that’s really where your focus is and that’s what you want to do. Well then stop even bothering to look at rental properties or multifamily or commercial or self-storage, right?

Each one of us is built differently, so each one of us is going to have different goals. We all have different end results that we’re trying to pursue. We all have bad habits that we’re trying to get rid of that are all different. So it doesn’t matter what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, whatever that is for you, now you’ve taken inventory, you’ve optimized your plan. Now you’ve got to recognize the 20%. You’ve got to recognize those small things. We don’t have to have 42 products that we sell. You know, oftentimes it’s three products. It’s five products and our ECOM store that sells the most, you know, our training, coaching and education company, Strategic Real Estate Coach. You know, as we coach students, we used to have like 12 or 13 different products. Right now really all we’re focusing on is coaching because we feel like we can have the most biggest impact on somebody else’s real estate investing future by offering them personal one on one coaching and consulting, okay.

Selling products that have home study courses that are, you know, $50 bucks or $200 bucks or $500 bucks. That’s great. You can learn a lot from those. But I also realize that a lot of people buy that stuff and never get through it. They never go through it. They never self study they never self study, okay. They need action, they need accountability, they need a mentor. So that’s why we’re focused really, really, really focused on selling coaching programs that come with some sort of accountability. They come with some one on one coaching, they come with mentorship, they come with some sort of group or weekly coaching calls because I also realize that people, you know, they might buy a lot of things that are $100 dollars $500, $250 but the vast majority of those people didn’t ultimately take as big of an action as they would have if they had some sort of accountability and mentorship.

So I realize that’s in our 20% we went all in on that. That’s primarily what we’re focused on. Same thing with my real estate investments, like our small balance commercial running our private equity fund and then our equity investments in apartments. We make much more passive income and much more legacy wealth by doing that then wholesaling or you know, by buying just a bunch of single family rental properties or doing rehabs. Running our fund, which is w are a private lender for rehabs, allows us to create much more scalable passive income than just doing rehab flips ourselves, okay. We used to do tons of rehabs, we have done 250, 300 rehab deals, but now we’re primarily funding and lending on those because that’s in our 20%. We’re laser focused on the 20% Pareto’s Principal that gets us massive results and allows us to do the same thing over and over and over again and get really, really, really good over and over and over again, right.

I once heard a quote, I’ll probably get this wrong, but, you know, the master right has failed more times than the beginner has even tried, right? And if you look at, you know, with many, many, many stories about, you know, the guy that has one karate move and he practices that one karate move 10,000 times and has like a finishing move, the one move that wins every match. Would you rather have that one guy that just does the same thing over and over, right? Like Rhonda Rousey, right? When she was in the UFC, she finished almost every match with an arm bar. She maybe was a great grappler, Jujitsu. She was maybe a great striker, but she was known for finishing off her opponent with an arm bar every single time and she became world champion. Now she’s in movies, she’s in comedy shows, she’s all over television.

She’s in social media. She’s an influencer. She’s an investor. Why? Because of one move the arm bar, right? One move the arm bar. So think about it, you don’t have to be excellent at 42 different things. You don’t have to be great at 10,000 different moves. Be good at one or two moves, okay? Be good at one or two moves, right? You think about Michael Jordan. He was awesome at lots of different moves, but what was he really known for when he really became an unbelievable basketball player was because Michael Jordan had an unbelievable indefensible fade away jump shot.

He could dunk, he could shoot free throws, he could shoot three pointers, but especially later in his career, he became unguardable because he became unbelievable at shooting a fade away jump shot. One thing, one move. What’s your move, right? So step number eight, optimize your plan. Step number nine, optimize and focus on your 20% that are going to get you 80% of your results. Even if some of the other results are making you some money or giving you some joy, giving you some happiness. If they’re not part of the 20% chop it off. Get rid of it, throw it away, plant your flag, make a decision, focus on the 20%. Make sense? Fantastic. All right. I hope you enjoyed this latest edition of Accelerated Investor. We’ve got one more for you in this series. Step number 10, the new you.

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“The master has failed more times that the beginner has even tried.”

Take a moment to let that thought sink in. (It’s from writer and cartoonist Stephen McCranie, by the way.)

Part of being a real estate investor, entrepreneur, business owner, or even – really – just a human being, is experiencing failure. But our failures don’t have to define us.

In Part 7 of the 10-Step Peak Performance Success Formula series, Josh covers two important steps for anyone who has a goal they’d like to achieve. He discusses Step 8, which is optimizing your plan, and Step 9, which has to do with the Pareto Principle (focusing on the 20% of your efforts that are yielding 80% of your results or successes).

If you’re serious about reaching your goal, these two steps are essential for success. Maybe you’re battling an addiction, working through a strained relationship, planning to quit your full-time job and launch a business, or just try something new that you’ve never experienced before. Regardless of your goal, this formula is designed to help you achieve it.

So, are you ready to get one step (or two steps) closer to your biggest dreams? It’s time to take action.

What’s Inside:

  • Techniques for modifying and optimizing your plan of action  
  • How to identify the 20% of your work/efforts that makes up 80% of your progress
  • Josh’s own experience applying these steps to his own coaching and real estate investing businesses

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