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#024: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 7 (Steps 8 & 9)

Achieving the best version of yourself is no easy feat. But if you have a goal in mind – whether it’s a personal or professional one – it helps to have a solid plan of action in place. In Part 7 of this series, Josh Cantwell explains best practices for optimizing your plan to ensure that you reach your goal (no matter how lofty it may be!)

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#023: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 6 (Step 7)

Achieving your peak performance is no easy task, but it’s much easier if you take inventory of your daily habits and actions. By assessing what’s really working (and being honest about what’s not), you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goal – whether it’s losing 20 pounds, starting your own business, flipping your first house, or anything in between.

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