Josh Cantwell on Creating The Life You Want To Live – EP 258

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Lately, I’ve realized that we all have the power to decide exactly what our lives will be. There are more free tools and resources to empower you to succeed than ever before. In some ways, schooling and college degrees have become completely outdated. 

I believe that anyone can transform their life–financial and otherwise–in less than a year. You don’t need supportive parents or a head start to do it, either. All you need is to shift your mindset, get rid of things that don’t serve you, and take advantage of the countless opportunities hiding in plain sight.

Today, I want to talk to you about how to attract success, radiate optimism, and live the life you’ve always wanted to live and share 8 simple life hacks to help you do it.

Key Takeaways with Josh Cantwell

  • Assume you’re the smartest person in the world and that everything that will fulfill you can be achieved.
  • Spend every day fighting for your ideal outcome.
  • Stop engaging with things that are negative, and fill your day with the things that are positive and make you happy like music or books.
  • Turn off the news, celebrate your friends’ victories instead of gossiping about their failures, and cut out the pessimists in your life.
  • How working out, drinking less, and eating better will cure your negativity and pessimism.

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“There is absolutely no excuse why somebody can't go from homeless to making money, from lower class to upper class, or from college dropout to billionaire.” - Josh Cantwell

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Josh Cantwell: So, hey, guys. Listen, I’ve been thinking, man, in the car, in the gym, just about life and about what you make of it. And I’ve kind of arrived at this philosophy that we’re in such a golden age right now that everybody gets to decide the life that they ultimately want to live. There is absolutely no excuse why somebody can’t go from homeless to making money, why somebody can’t go from lower class to upper class, why somebody can’t go from college dropout to billionaire. It’s happening all over the world all the time right now. It’s really unbelievable. And yet there are still people who complain, who are pessimistic, who complain about the state of the world, that they say the United States is going backwards, that their life is not what it should be. Really, I think, it comes down to this like you get to decide your life like you get to decide what you want your life to be. We’ve never lived in a time where there are more tools and more free information on YouTube and Facebook and podcasts and books that you can just gather up the information that you need to be successful.


Look, you don’t even have to go to college anymore. Matter of fact, school, for the most part, is globally outdated. Like the schooling, grade school, high school, college is completely based off of the idea of memorization. Yet all the information that you need to be successful, have success, be optimistic, be positive is literally at your fingertips because it’s on the internet, websites, video websites, trainings, webinars, podcasts, YouTube, books. It’s literally there at your fingertips, and it’s absolutely free. So, my message to you is this like news alert, right? Like you decide the life that you actually want to live like you decide what life is actually, what that means for you. Like, just because you went to a certain school and somebody else went to a certain school doesn’t mean you have the same outcome. Just because your brother is successful doesn’t mean that you can’t be more or less successful than them. It’s completely subjective to what you want. It’s completely your call. Like, you realize maybe the first time ever that anybody, regardless of their background, regardless of how they grew up, can completely change their life in less than a year if they really, really want to. Right?


You know, if you grew up in a loving, happy, optimistic house with supportive parents or supportive structure in your family and maybe with a little bit of money, look, you’re blessed. You’re lucky. You already got to start out in a great way. You already have the advantage. But even if you grew up in a negative house, even if you grew up in a negative family, even if you grew up poor or your parents were divorced or your parents died at a young age, your family filed for bankruptcy, look, if all you do is b*tch and moan and complain about the upbringing and negativity just flows through your veins, you’re just going to get more negativity. So, my question is, if you are that type of person who likes to gossip and is negative and complain all the time, then what are you going to do about it? Look, I know friends of mine or their in-laws, all they do is sit around and watch the news all day, and then they complain that our country is going to hell but they’re feeding through the news media. They’re feeding their body with negative information all the time. So, then they turn around and they spit out negative information of a negative outlook on life.


So, if you want to start the process of changing right now and have a more optimistic view and more success and a life that you really thought you would have when you were a kid, a life that’s full of optimism and success, financial success, friendships, you can start with this. Okay. Write this down. Number one, assume that you’re the smartest person in the world. Assume that you have every possible advantage in the world and ask yourself with zero roadblocks and zero challenges, what do you really want? Like, what’s going to really make you fulfilled? Don’t just say, “I want a billion dollars,” because the money is just a tool to go do something. So, what would really make you feel fulfilled? So, start with asking yourself that question. If you’re the smartest person in the room with absolutely no roadblocks, absolutely no challenges, and every possible advantage, what would really make you feel happy and fulfilled? Number two, fight for that. Every day, find a way to fight for that outcome. Number three, listen to positive stuff, listen to positive sh*t, okay, like whether it’s like happy music, whether it’s books, whether it’s videos, stuff that is positive and happy and makes you laugh and enjoy your life and get a positive, more optimistic view of the world, number three, listen and fill your veins with positive stuff.


Number four, turn off the news. Stop reading the news. Stop listening to the news, period, end of day. The news, as we know, there’s the saying in the news, is if it bleeds, it leads. So, every single article news program is going to start with something negative. So, number four, turn off the news, stop reading and listening to the news, period. Okay. Number five, stop gossiping about other people, like what benefit is there in talking about other people in a negative way? Like, celebrate the wins so stop gossiping about what people are doing wrong and the bad decisions that they’ve made, and if they’re having success, trying to tear them down or talk sh*t about them and what they did wrong. Stop gossiping about other people. Number six, start celebrating other people’s success. Start celebrating their success, so like when you see somebody who sends you a DM or a post or sends you a message about something that they did well, give it right back to them in a positive way like go into their Facebook post or their Instagram post or their LinkedIn and tell them how awesome they are. Not really even for their benefit but for your benefit because it’s going to make you feel good about yourself.


Number seven, we all have this, we all have a friend, a person in our lives who’s just super pessimistic. Just cut him out. Number seven, find your most pessimistic friend, cut him out. I guarantee you will be more positive if you just cut that person out of your life. I guarantee that if you look at them and say, “There’s really not a lot of benefit to hanging out with this person anymore. All they do is talk sh*t about other people. All they do is talk negative. All they do is moan and groan and mope around,” cut them out. Number eight, work out. Work out. It’s impossible to be down, negative, pessimistic when you’re fueling your body with positive stuff, when you feel good about yourself. I was once in a mastermind group with a guy named Sean Stephenson. Some of you guys might know Sean. He’s a therapist, who was out of Phoenix. He had amazing physical challenges but Sean is a brilliant therapist and Sean once told me in a mastermind group, “Look, Josh, the cure for negativity, the cure for pessimism, the cure for not having success is self-care like take care of yourself. Drink less, eat better food, lean meats, vegetables, work out. Do something to take care of yourself that will make you feel good about yourself, which will make you feel better about everybody else.”


Okay. So, there you have it. Those are eight real things that you can do right now to literally reframe your life because your life is exactly what you decide to make of it. Number one, assuming you’re the smartest person in the world and determine what’s going to make you fulfilled. Number two, fight for it. Number three, listen to positive sh*t. Okay. Number four, turn off the news. Number five, stop gossiping about other people. Number six, celebrate other people. Number seven, cut out your most pessimistic friend. And number eight, work out. You see, for me, I’ve defined my life by a few things. This is who I am and this is how I feel success. This is who I am. I’m not going to apologize for it. I don’t care who I offend. This is what I am because I’ve decided what success looks like in my life. So, here goes. I’m a conservative, Christian, entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, family man, coach. I’m positive. I’m fit. I have five to six friends that I spend most of my time with that I really enjoy and drive those relationships deep and I’m super well-read. That’s what matters to me. That’s what success looks like for me because it’s my choice.

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