Josh Cantwell

The First Step to Creating Forever Passive Income with Josh Cantwell – EP 285

In this episode, I’m talking about the building blocks of every deal. You’ll learn what you need to do to achieve true success.

David vs Goliath: Closing a $16.3M Deal – EP 283

In today’s episode, I’ll share how the deal went down and also how we got the deal and what we plan to do with the property. 

The Difference Between Loan and Deal Sponsorships with Josh Cantwell – EP 279

Today’s episode is about the difference between loan and deal sponsorships, and the roles and responsibilities that each of them play.

Case Study: LOI to the PSA in 10 Steps with Josh Cantwell – EP 277

In today’s episode, I want to walk you through how our LOI set the framework for our PSA and what we did to get the best possible terms.

One Simple Trick to Stop Procrastinating with Josh Cantwell – EP 274

Today is all about overcoming procrastination, not just in writing cash flow studies but in anything you want (or need) to do.

Handling Bank Draws: Pro Forma Vs. Reality with Josh Cantwell – EP 271

Today, I will share a real example of pro forma vs reality, how to handle bank draws and explain yourself when things got complicated.

How to Build (and Keep) a $200M Staff with Josh Cantwell – EP 269

Today, I’m talking about why having mutual respect between your employees, no matter what their role is, is critical to your success.

Waterford Grove Update: $30M+ in Potential Profit! – EP 267

Today, I will walk you through the Waterford Grove purchase and how having the right team in place gave us the confidence to proceed.

Building a Brand, Raising Capital and Acquiring Assets with Josh Cantwell – ep 264

In this episode, I want to share some very simple steps that you can use to build a brand to help you raise capital and acquire more assets.

Josh Cantwell on How to Stand Out On Buyer Questionnaires – EP 262

Today’s episode is about standing out on buyer questionnaires and convincing a seller that you’ll have no trouble delivering the money.