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Over the last 15 years, I have been very fortunate to coach thousands of real estate entrepreneurs. I’ve noticed a few things that they all have in common and I’ve broken it down to a list of 9 traits that all elite entrepreneurs have.

So I decided to do a bit of a deep dive and cover each of those 9 traits in a series of episodes that I know you’ll love. I’ll be covering the characteristics and habits that these wonderful men and women possess and breaking each one down to show you why it works for them and why it will work for you.

Be sure to check these out over the next few weeks as I run through each trait in this new series of Accelerated Real Estate Investor. Stay tuned!

Key Takeaways with Josh Cantwell

  • Overview of the 9 traits of elite entrepreneurs.

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“What I see is that they dominate their markets. They do more deals than anybody else. They have more free time than anybody else and they have financial freedom.” - Josh Cantwell

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Josh Cantwell: So, hey there, guys. Welcome back. It’s Josh, and I am so excited to be with all of you on Accelerated Real Estate Investor and on YouTube and iTunes and Spotify. And I wanted to start a brand-new series within the Accelerated Investor podcast called Traits of Elite Entrepreneurs.


I have been very fortunate over the last 15 years to coach thousands and thousands of real estate entrepreneurs. I have over 250 limited partners who invest in our deals. I’ve had three or four major partnerships that have worked out really well. I’m in one major partnership right now with my buddies Glenn and Tyler, which is working out really well. And I’ve been very fortunate to observe what does it take to become an elite real estate entrepreneur.


And what I thought I would do over the next couple of weeks is release at least one podcast, one recording a week to tell you about nine different traits that I’ve observed within myself, within my partnerships, within my students, and within other real estate entrepreneurs. People I’ve had on this podcast, people I’ve had on YouTube, people that I’ve had on stages with me, there are nine traits that I’ve observed that I really notice a common recurring theme within these investors, nine things that they do, that they have every single time, and that makes them elite. And there are nine common traits that I’ve observed in these guys and girls. And what I wanted to do today was kind of tell you about these nine. And then I’m going to do a deep dive over the next eight or nine weeks and tell you a little bit more about each one of these traits.


So, let’s talk about the nine traits of elite entrepreneurs and eight-figure multifamily investors. These are the nine things that I’ve observed in really high-performing investors, guys that own millions of square footage of self-storage or thousands of units of multifamily like I do, or flip hundreds, if not thousands of properties a year, or build hundreds, if not thousands of properties a year, people that have multiple eight and even nine-figure businesses. These are the things they have in common.


Number one, they invest for cash flow now. Number two, they realize that no one is coming to their rescue. Number three, they have super time management skills. Number four, they refuse or avoid the screen-sucking OCD loop. Number five, they use technology as a weapon. Number six, they set goals using some sort of what I call the acer exercise. Number seven, they scale the one-to-many concept. Number eight, they realize that service and experience trump price. And number nine, they realize that the business of running a business is all about the people.


Those are the nine traits of elite entrepreneurs that I have witnessed, that I see, that I see in recurring investors, people that are constantly getting funding. They’re constantly having private investors. They’re constantly buying properties. They dominate their markets. They do more deals than anybody else. They have more free time than anybody else. They have financial freedom. They have cash flow portfolios. They have a happy home life and a very healthy body. These are the nine things that I see from them over and over and over.


And so, if you want to learn more and you want to hear more about this, I suggest that you tune in to the Accelerated Real Estate Investor podcast each week for the next eight or nine weeks, as I talk about these nine traits of elite entrepreneurs.

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