#X-Mas Bonus: 10 Takeaways From 2019

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As I reflect back on 2019, there are 10 powerful real estate lessons I learned that I’ll carry with me to optimize my business, do more deals, make more money and take less risk in 2020.

After raising $34,000,000 of private money, flipping and lending on over 200+ houses, and acquiring a significant equity stake in over 2,400 unit of apartments this year, I certainly learned a lot. We made a lot of great investments and great decisions.
I also whiffed on a few. Uggg!!! (when you do as many deals as I do your bound to goof up sometimes….)
In this podcast I share all the powerful strategies and lessons I learned in 2019.
Hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas and Holiday Season.

What’s Inside:

  • Take these lessons with you in 2020.
    1. Grow your business.
    2. Do More deals.
    3. Raise more money.
    4. Buy more cash flowing assets like apartments and rentals.
    5. Take little or no risk.