#039: Funding Equals Freedom Series – Part 7

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So hey, welcome back to Accelerated Investor. I hope you’re really enjoying this 10 part series on how to get all the capital you need for all the deals you want. In our discussion around private investors. Right now we are in a sort of a little mini series within this larger 10 part series and we’re talking specifically about the five steps to getting all the capital you need for all the deals you want. And that was episode number five part one was to craft an irresistible offer. So if you missed it, go back and listen to that.

Part number six step number two was to identify your ideal investor and your avatar, okay. And now this is episode number seven and part number three, which is to identify where your ideal investor can be found. Right? So let’s go back in the previous episode, I talked about my three avatars. My one avatar is current active and passive real estate investors ages 50 to 75 who are accredited, who have at least five years of experience investing in real estate. My other avatar is the corporate lifer who’s got a big retirement account, again, ages 50 to 75 who has a lot of money in their retirement accounts and is looking for principle preservation. And then my third avatar was ECOM business owners. That could be young, they could be old, but they’re selling physical products and they have a windfall of cash or they have a lot of net free cashflow.

So in this episode, it’s pretty straight forward, but is to specifically write down and identify where these ideal investors can be found, okay. Where can these investors be found? Where can you identify and say, okay, where do real estate investors hang out? Well, right now there’s all kind of meetup groups. There’s landlord associations, there’s real estate investor associations. Even in my market, the home, there’s like 10 or 12 or 15 homevestors franchisees. They have an event that they host called Dealmakers.

There’s another group called Local, Local Real Estate, which is a combination of wholesalers and realtors and they have a monthly meetup. So there’s all of these different groups and places that I can go to meet them, okay. So again, if I’m looking for active and passive real estate investors, I’m going to go to all those. I’m going to look for all the meetup groups. I’m going to find out what all those different associations are. Maybe even sponsor those. Go there, get a speaking spot and talk a little bit more about my real estate investing. The second avatar that I identify was the corporate lifer, okay.

Now these are more of your average people who do your, you know, fun, typical, you know, average American kind of things. They go to yacht clubs, they go to golf country clubs, they play chess, they go to their homeowner’s association, they attend the rotary. And you know, I find that people that have done very well that are accredited, that are rich, that are wealthy or have just, you know, done well for themselves, they like to give back. And we often find a number of our investors at charitable functions, okay. So my second avatar is that 50 to 75 year old corporate life or who’s got a big retirement account.

These are some of the places that I can find them if I just go and network with them. So I’m very strategic about where I want to go, who I want to meet with and who I want to find. So you can be a member of the yacht club. You can be a member of the local country club, you can maybe volunteer at the rotary volunteer at your Choanas. You can volunteer or be a member of your Chamber of Commerce, right? You can volunteer at different charitable functions that happen in your city. If you’re part of the parade. If there is a Memorial Day parade, a Labor Day parade, don’t just take part in it. Don’t just sit on the sidelines, become a volunteer. Because I find the people that have done really well, they all want to give back when their of retirement age.

They’re filling up their day with fun things to do they are giving back and they also want to have fun, right? So they’re doing things like the yacht club. They own a boat, they’re doing things like golf. They’re doing things like that and you know, so spend your time, get a little bit more strategic. Where can you find these people and know? Everything I just mentioned are obviously places that I go to meet people. My third avatar was again, ecommerce business owners, guys that sell, guys and girls and sell physical products from their website or on Amazon or Shopify and sites like that. And so where can I go to meet them? Well, there’s all kinds of um, events that take place all over the country for ecommerce business owners, people selling physical products.

Again, I mentioned my friend Ryan Moran who owns Capitalism.com. I go to his event, I speak there, we talk there, I network there. I love it. It’s a lot of fun and amazing audience. So this is one example. So if you’re thinking about, hey, how do I, how do I do more deals? How do I buy more apartments? How I do more flips and I need more private money? Well, again, step number one is craft an irresistible offer. Step number two is identify your avatar. Step number three we’re talking about right now is identify a where you can go to make more relationships, okay? Because we’re going to talk in part number 10, we’re going to talk about the different SEC regulations, right? Called Reg D, Reg A plus, 506B, 506C stuff like that. Crowdfunding platforms. But I don’t care who you are. I don’t care. I don’t care.

You know, if you’re raising money for your first rehab flip, if you’re raising money to buy your, you know, 1,000 units of apartments, you know, you’re a hundred million dollar portfolio. I don’t care. People are not going to invest with you until they know, like, and trust you. They’re not going to invest with you unless they know what kind of deal they can invest in. They’re not going to invest with you unless they get, you know, very, very clear about how they’re going to make their interest, how they’re going to get their principal paid back, and they want to connect with somebody. People don’t just throw their money at anything. They’ve worked really, really hard to accumulate the cash they have. And so protecting their cash is the ultimate responsibility of anybody who’s borrowing or joint venturing with private investors, okay? So when I go to these different events, I’m looking to build relationships with people, to talk to them, to meet them.

Talk a little bit more about their business a little bit about what I do and then I move them off of that event and into a specific marketing funnel that once I’ve created that existing relationship with them that I can now talk to them. I can meet with them, get to know them on a deeper level, and then once I have a substantial prior existing relationship, then I can make the offer, okay. So we’re going to talk next in episode number eight, step number four, we’re going to talk specifically about crafting a regular recurring multimedia marketing campaign to the contacts that you have and the people that you have existing relationships with to, you know, warm them up, get them to understand what you do right so that when they’re ready to invest, when they’re thinking about real estate, they think of you. So join me for that next episode coming up very, very soon.

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One of the biggest misconceptions that real estate investors tend to have about finding private lenders is this: that they need to go out of their way to make connections with the right investors for their property deals. 

In reality, you can meet some of your ideal investors just by going about your day-to-day routine. And, if you need to branch out a little bit to meet other private lenders, the methods for doing so can actually be super simple. 

In Part 7 of the Funding Equals Freedom series, Josh shares his tips for meeting the three avatars (the three types of private investors he usually works with): passive real estate investors, corporate “lifers,” and ecommerce businesspeople. 

Josh also shares insight on why it’s important to build rapport with your potential investors before doing any deals with them. 

So, where can you find your next private lender? Tune in to hear Josh’s specific strategies…

What’s Inside:

  • Josh’s tips for meeting/finding the three types of private investors he likes to work with
  • How to build rapport and trust with your potential private lenders
  • Ways to meet private lenders during your normal day-to-day routine

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