#021: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 5 (Steps 5 & 6)

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So hey, welcome back to Accelerated Investor. I’m excited to be with you again and we are in the middle of our talk on peak performance. We’ve already covered steps one, two, three and four. If you’ve missed those, go back and listen to those. We’re going to cover today is steps five and six. Step five after we know, step number one is to identify what is the end result that we’re trying to accomplish. It’s the abs getting absolutely clear of the end result. ACER, the ACER exercise. Can he absolutely clear of the end result that we want to accomplish? What is it specifically that you want, right? And then in step number two is what are the reasons why do you want to accomplish that? Step number three, go back and listen to it and the commentary that we, you know, delivered on, you know, when you’re looking at step number three, step number four, and understanding like, okay, now I’ve got some bad behaviors.

I’ve got some negative things that I do. I’ve got some things that are not serving me. Step number three is to acknowledge bad behavior. And step number four is to then create your massive action plan, which leads us to step number five and six, which is really pretty simple. Step number five is to decide, plant your flag in the ground and write down exactly what it is that your end result is and decide that now you’re going to go achieve that goal, okay? If you look up the word decide in the dictionary, it basically says to make a choice from a number of alternatives, okay? So you’ve now chosen, you’ve decided that this is what you’re going to do and you’re not going to go back. You’re not going to go back under any circumstances. You are now deciding that this is the future that you want.

You’re now going to go share it with the world. So step number five is to decide to make a real decision and know that this decision is going to come with tough challenges, right? A lot of us like to decide and say, you know, I’m going to be a billionaire next year. Great, you decided, but are you willing to put in the work that it’s going to take to be a billionaire? Or do you want to be a billionaire so long as it’s not inconvenient for you, right? When you decide it’s, I’ve made a decision, I’m not going to go back. I’m going to accomplish this goal no matter what. I’m going to change and change and change my approach until I achieve the goal that I want okay. I’m going to decide and stick with it until I ultimately achieve the end result that I want.

That’s a real decision. Like if you want to quit smoking, you can say, well, you know I’m going to quit smoking, but if you’ve still got like a pack of cigarettes sitting around in your house, like you haven’t decided because it’s so easy to just go light up and now, well, you know, I’m just going to have one cigarette. Or let’s say you want to lose, you know, 35 pounds, but you still have, you know, three cans of ice cream in the freezer and you got, you know, five packs of cookies in your pantry. You know, let’s say you want to build, you know, a massive business. You want to build a seven figure or an eight figure business and you, you know, you go to the bar and you go play softball with your buddies and you go play basketball and you guys go to the bar afterwards and you like to watch, you know, the sports games, the Cav’s, the Indians, and the browns, if you’re from Cleveland.

You know, you like to watch, you know, UFC fights while have you really made a decision if you haven’t changed any of your actions or decision is going to require you to make massive changes to your daily routine. So decide and then step number six is take massive action, right? Step number four was to create your action plan. Step number five is decide and make a real decision, which means you’re cutting off all other options. There is no other options, there is no plan B. That’s step number five is decide. Step number six is take massive action, which means now, you know, take the three cans of ice cream and throw them all in the trash. Take the extra pack of cigarettes and burn it, throw it in the garbage. You know, if you have softball on Tuesday and Thursday nights and you don’t have time to build that business now cancel your softball plans, okay?

If you want to save more money so you can build a business and invest more wisely, don’t go shopping save your money, okay? If you now are looking to build a real estate portfolio now, get off your butt and go make offers on properties. Get off your butt and go network with commercial real estate brokers. Get off your butt and go raise private capital. Step number six is, now that you in step number four, you created massive action plan. Step number six is take massive forward moving action, all right. This frankly, if you’ve done steps one, two, three and four, this step number five and six is the easy part because now you have a clear plan. You know the exactly the result that you have. You acknowledge your bad behaviors. You know exactly what it is that you want to do.

You know why you want to do it now let’s just decide and burn the boats. Burn the boats, right. Don’t go back burn the boats. We’re not doing it the old way anymore. We’re not going backwards anymore. We’re not trying the things that we used to try. We’re going to take massive action based on what we know and we’re going to learn from that action. And that’s going to lead us in to step number seven. So steps five and six decide, right. You’ve taken all the alternatives. You’ve taken all the options, make the decision and understand what that decision, there’s going to be challenges. There’s going to be things that you get wrong. There’s going to be things that don’t work out. There’s going to be, you know, different challenges that present themselves that you weren’t even aware of before. Now they’re going to present themselves because when you’ve made a decision, there’s going to be new challenges that come up, but we’re not going to give up.

We’re going to stick with it until we achieve the goal that we want. And step number six is take massive action, which means, you know, burn the boats, give up all those old habits. Give up on, you know your other commitments, okay. Take massive action. When you think about taking massive action, you know, I think back to step number three, which is acknowledge bad behaviors. Also, when I think of acknowledge, bad behaviors, I think of, let’s acknowledge the things that are a leach on our time. What are the things that are a leach on your time? Maybe you are in step number three. Maybe you’re volunteering for something that doesn’t give you any passion anymore. Maybe you’re spending your time with groups or people that are negative. Maybe you’re spending your time doing things that just aren’t really pushing you towards these goals.

So your massive action step number six needs to be now canceling, eliminating those things. If you want to watch less TV, cancel your cable subscription, cancel your Hulu, cancel your Netflix, get rid of all that stuff. Walk your TV out to the curb and throw it in the trash, right. If you want to spend less time watching TV, just don’t have a television, okay. Just don’t even go there. Don’t bother with it. Like burn the bridges, man. You want to eat healthier take all the food that’s in your refrigerator and chuck it in the garbage. Then go shopping and at a Whole Foods store and organic store or go to your local grocery store and walk away with nothing but fruits, vegetables, and high quality proteins. Take massive action on the goal, right? Burn the boats, which means get rid of the old behaviors, right?

So that’s step number five and step number six is decide. Make a choice from all the alternatives and take massive action, right? And only you can do it now you only, you want to put in the work. The work is going to be hard. It’s not easy to lose 35 pounds. It’s not easy to build an eight-figure real estate portfolio. It’s not easy to build a seven or an eight -figure ecommerce business. It’s not easy to create a dynamic marketing funnel to get more customers, right. Understand it’s going to be hard work. It is going to be hard work. None of this is easy, but you’ve got to decide and then take massive action. Alright, that steps five and six go do that now. Plant your flag in the ground, burn the boats, do what you need to do to get rid of those old behaviors. Take massive action and I’ll see you back here in a minute for episode number seven.

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Helen Keller once said, “We can do anything we want to, if we stick to it long enough.”

While that might seem like an obvious statement, it’s something that the most successful people in the world take seriously – and they live it out, every day of their lives.

So, what’s your goal? Maybe it’s to quit smoking, lose weight, build a 7-figure business, turn a hobby into a career, or repair a broken relationship in your life. No matter what your ultimate goal may be, you can achieve it by using the 10-step Peak Performance Success Formula.

In this podcast, Josh covers steps 5 & 6 – making a decision (and ruling out other options) AND taking massive action.

If you’ve completed steps 1-4 successfully, steps 5 and 6 should be fairly easy. You just need to put everything into motion!

Tune in to hear Josh’s advice on how to successfully accomplish these two steps, and learn how to “burn the ships” as you pursue your goal.

What’s Inside:

  • How to make a decision to succeed
  • Advice for sticking with your decision, once you’ve made it
  • How to “burn the ships” and leave behind any other options
  • Motivation for taking massive action

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