#018: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 3

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Welcome back to Accelerated Investor. So excited to be with you. And if you’re enjoying this series on peak performance for entrepreneurs, for business owners, for real estate entrepreneurs or just in your own personal life, if you’ve got a sales job, if you’re running a business, maybe you’re a corporate executive. I hope this is having an impact on the way that you pursue your business and your personal life, your relationships, your experiences, and your financial legacy that you’re going to leave behind.

Step number one was the ACER exercise, having ultimate clarity of your end result. Absolute clarity of the end results. If you missed it, go back a step number two, in our peak performance success formula was having strong enough reasons. What are your reasons? This step, this next step is really to do some self-reflection and what I call this is acknowledging bad behavior.

So we need to get real clear with ourselves. Like, look, stop joking around with your stuff. Stop, you know, sugar coating all the stupid stuff that you do when all the bad habits that you have stopped, sugar coating that stuff. Get real serious with yourself about what you’re doing wrong. The things are not in alignment with your end result. The things that are not in alignment with your goals, your objectives, with your relationships, with your financial legacy, with the experiences that you want to have.

What are the things that you’re doing that you have bad habits? You’re wasting time, you’re wasting money, you’re wasting relationships. Maybe you’re too critical, maybe you’re too negative, maybe, you know you’re jealous of other people. What are all of the bad behaviors that you have in your personal life right now that you want to get rid of? And what would encourage you to do is just lift those up.

Tell somebody else about them, whether it’s prayer, whether it’s a family member, whether it’s a friend, and just tell them, look, I’ve had this behavior that is just driving me. It’s not serving me at all and I need to get rid of it. So right now, again, write down right now whether you’re at the gym, whether in the car, whether you’re listening to this in the shower or whatever it is, stop whatever you’re doing, pull off to the side of the road, get a pen and a piece of paper or use the notes app in your phone and write down all of the existing personal relationship, financial and business obstacles that are present in your life today. What are all the obstacles, personal relationship, business, financial, what are the obstacles that are in your life right now? What are the things that you know that are holding you back?

Whether it’s too much debt, whether it’s bad business decisions, maybe it’s a bad partner, a bad boyfriend, girlfriend that you know that just is not a fit for you in your life and where you’re at today, right? And these various existing, you know, obstacles probably see, I would argue that those are the result of really some bad habits that you have, right? So the financial obstacle that you might have in your life right now, actually happened because of a bad habit that you have.

Maybe you have a habit of spending too much money, too much shopping. Maybe you are running your business and you’re not paying attention to your financials. Maybe you have business obstacles because you have an employee, a staff member that you know that you should replace her fire, that you just are not doing that because it’s an obstacle that’s going to maybe because you some pain.

Maybe you have a habit of sleeping in too much. Going to sleep too early, not working hard enough on your health, your fitness. What are those obstacles and what are the habits, the things that you know that you need to break that have created these obstacles? Because the obstacle didn’t just show up out of nowhere, it showed up because of a regular recurring habit that you have that you’re not recognizing. Could be overeating could be too much social media. It could be bingeing on movies, could be, you know, nights on the weekends when you should be putting in extra time at your work, extra time at the office, extra time with your family, extra time with your friends. You’re sleeping in too much or drinking too much. You know, maybe you’re binging on alcohol or drugs or cigarettes or whatever that is, okay.

Go ahead right now. Set it to the side, park it there. Write it down. What are those behaviors? What are those habits that you know that are not serving you to be a bigger, better version of yourself, okay. You see, if you want to be a bigger, better version of yourself and you want to perform at a higher level, you want to have peak performance. I think we need to get real freaking honest with ourselves about all the crap that we’re doing that we know is not serving us. So many times we’ll go through like you know, goal planning and goal setting and I want to accomplish, I want to accomplish that, but we’re not really drilling down to the real root of the problem, which is the daily habits that we have that are not serving us to achieve these new goals or have this new business success or have this new relationship that becomes an amazing part of our life.

You know, maybe you are, maybe it’s just your internal negative feelings like I don’t know anyone that is internally negative or internally critical that is ultimately performing at a high level. People that I’ve see that are performing at a super high level are really positive. They’re looking at the future regardless of what happened in the past. They say, you know, the past is the past this is what happened to me. This is what I did but this is not an indicator of my future. But it is important to recognize what we did in the past and learn from it. What were the bad habits, the poor patterns, the challenges that you’ve created in your own life, that man, you want to take note of that so you can avoid that? Not do that again in the future.

So do the action right now. Take some time right now. Just take a pen and a piece of paper. Start writing down in a journal. What are the things that you’ve screwed up? What are the habits that you have that are not serving you to be a bigger, better version of yourself? What are some things that you do at the office, at home with your kids? Maybe what are some attitudes that you have? Negative attitudes, condescending attitudes, critical attitudes that you need to get rid of in order for you to perform at a high level. Because look, do any of us really know somebody who’s super negative, super critical who has terrible habits, who’s ultimately performing at a high level? I would submit to you that there’s nobody on this earth that has a full, complete life with, with lots and lots and lots of negative poor habits.

So let’s recognize those. Let’s write them down. Let’s serve them up to the world. Let’s get rid of those and then we’re going to talk in our next couple episodes about how to replace those with new successful habits. Go ahead and take action on this right now. Don’t waste time. Don’t say, I’ll do this in the future. Like look, this podcast, this interview series is not going to help you. It’s not going to benefit you unless you do something. You can’t just listen, you need to listen and do, listen and create, listen and take action on a new habit in order for you to have true life changing results. All right, so go ahead and do that now. Go ahead and acknowledge those bad behaviors, acknowledge those poor habits, acknowledge those bad patterns. Go ahead and write them down right now and I’ll see you in the next episode. We’ll see you back here in a minute. Thanks.

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Even the most successful, high-performing individuals in the world are far from perfect.

After all, everyone is human. We all have our downfalls, our bad habits, and our moments of weakness. But the #3 step for achieving peak performance in our personal and professional lives is to acknowledge the bad behaviors that are holding us back from our goals.

Whether you have unhealthy eating habits, bad spending habits, an anger issue, impatience with those you love, or even just negative internal thoughts that bring you down – identifying these problems is the first step toward overcoming them.

In this podcast, Josh delves into the specifics of how you can pinpoint your bad behaviors and habits, and shares his insight on how to work on getting rid of them.

The idea isn’t to become a perfect person – it’s simply to become a bigger, better version of yourself.

Take a listen to hear Josh’s tips for overcoming your weak areas and achieving peak performance…

What’s Inside:

  • How to identify your bad behaviors and habits
  • Asking a trusted friend or family member to hold you accountable for your actions
  • How to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your end goal
  • How to take action and avoid negative thinking

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