#014: 9 Things Insanely Productive People Refuse to Do: Part 9

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So, hey, welcome back. Hey, I appreciate you being here. This is Josh Cantwell with Accelerated Investor and man, I’ve just had an incredible time sharing with you guys. You know, the, the nine things that successful and productive people do and the nine things that enormously successful people refuse to do. The things they were refuse to do. And we’re on number nine. If you missed number eight it was our longest episode and, and probably one of the most important, definitely the probably the best message. Refuse to become overwhelmed. That was number eight. So if you missed that, makes you go back and check that out on Accelerated Investor.

Number nine is in the last and final episode in this series is that enormously productive. People normally successful people refused to stop learning, growing and developing. You know, the people that I’ve personally witnessed that I’ve had some success and then ultimately that success stops is that they’ve stopped growing, they’ve stopped developing. Listen, our economy, our world is spinning and moving at such a rapid pace. If you think that you’re going to have success in one thing and that’s going to last forever, you’re just flat out dead wrong.

It’s just not going to happen, period the end. And so enormously successful people, they refuse to stop developing, stop growing, stop learning. They’re constantly searching growth, personal development, personal growth, personal reflection. They’re thinking to themselves, look, the version that I am today is not the best version of me. It’s not the best version that I’m going to be, right? So I’m always can get better. I’m going to keep getting better until the day I die, right? I’m going to listen to next podcast. I’m going to read that next book. I’m going to implement that next thing in my life.

If I have overwhelm, I’m going to simplify my life, right? If I have negativity, I’m going to get rid of it. If I have distraction, I’m going to focus on the 20%. If I’m thinking small, I’m going to think big, okay. And they can do that they can overcome distraction, overwhelm, limiting mental beliefs. All the other eight things that we discussed today, all the other eight things that we’ve discussed on this podcast, all the other eight things that we’ve discussed that enormously successful and productive people do. It all comes down to number nine. This one, it all comes down to successful people are always learning and developing and growing.

You know, we’re recording this. If you’re catching this on YouTube we’re recording this inside of one of my offices. I have a couple offices here inside of this building. And then I have a couple of conference rooms I use and I have two offices in my home that I operate out of and one of them I share with my wife. And you’ll notice that in all of my offices, there’s tons of books. There’s tons of books that I’ve read. And today, because I love to be in the gym, there’s tons of podcasts and audio books that I’m a voracious listener of podcasts. I’m a voracious listener of eBooks or audio books. I’m a voracious reader.

Now. I got to be honest with you. When I was growing up, when I took my SAT and my ACT scores I think it’s the SAT that like, you know, people get like a 1,200 score, 1,400 score, 1,800 score or whatever, and I think the act is the one where you get like a 20 or a 25, like that’s your score. On the SAT I remember, never forget when I was taking the SAT, I got like a 950 was my score in math and like a 350 was my score in English and I remember taking the test and I remember like reading the story and then I always knew there was going to be, you know, five or six or eight questions about the story after on the SAT and I would read the story and my mind was already like often left field.

Like I would read the first paragraph and maybe you can relate to this. I would read the first paragraph in my mind was already like whew way out in left field just thinking about something else. Now if you put a math problem in front of me or a physics problem or a biology problem, I would eat that up, I would eat that up. I could sit down and do math and formulas all day all night. I was on the math team, I was on different math competition teams in high school I loved it. But if you asked me to sit and read, you’d be lucky if I could read 50 pages in a book and I could tell you one fricking thing that I learned because my mind is just woo way out in left field. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t do it. And so today I’ve learned that my body is built a certain way.

I’ve stopped fighting that urge to sit and read and know that I’m really not going to retain any of that information. So what I do now is I actually buy a book, let’s say like for example, I just read this book, The Dichotomy Of Leadership, by Jocko Willink, fantastic. And I bought the book and also bought the audio book. So I listened to the audio book while I have the physical book open. So I just let my eyes scan the book and I listened to the audio book on two times speed so I can get through the book and half the time, but also probably 6 times faster or 10 times faster than if I actually sat and read the book myself because I’m such a slow reader and I don’t retain the information that I read.

So if you want to be enormously successful and productive, you have to learn to continue always learning, always growing, always developing, always attending mastermind groups, enrolling in some sort of coaching programs, going to live events, attending live seminars and workshops. But make sure you do it where you’re attacking a specific thing that you want to learn for an extended period of time. You see, the thing that I think I see in even my own coaching students that are learning about real estate or investors, they’re like, well, I’m going to listen to this audio book on options trading and then I’m going to read this book on real estate apartment investing. Then I’m going to read this book on digital marketing and I’m going to go to this seminar on, you know, rehab flipping and I’m going to go to this webinar on wholesaling. And they’re constantly learning little bits of information about all these different things that they could do.

So successful people don’t just refuse to stop learning, growing and developing, but what they actually do is they choose a specific topic to immerse themselves into. So when I, when I got into this book, you know, Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy Of Leadership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, I didn’t just read the book and then move on to another book. I listened to the audio book. Then I went back, I bought the physical book and I listened to the audio book a second time on two times speed with a highlighter highlighting the book over and over and over and over, okay. Then I would go back and when I’m in the gym, I listened to parts of the book again and again and again. So I probably listened to that book now 4 times in the last six months, okay. Then if I look at The Dichotomy Of Leadership, their second books, same thing.

Bought the book I listened to the audio book first, loved it, thought about a lot of the principles. I took notes inside my iPhone while I was at the gym or while I was traveling. Then I bought the physical book and I went back and listened to the entire book a second time and I started highlighting the physical book while listening to the audio book at two times speed. Now I’m searching for my next book and I just got a book in the mail from one of our affiliates from Ross Hamilton, who’s the CEO of Connected Investors is a friend of mine. And he sent me a book called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, okay. And so now just bought the podcast, the audio book version. And I’m going to, and I have the physical books I’m starting to go through.

I literally just started at the other day listening to it and highlighting the physical book and going through and taking notes all at the same time. So if you want to completely immerse yourself into self-development growth, don’t just buy a whole bunch of crud and listen to this and that and this webinar and that live seminar and this book and that book. Be more strategic about it. Choose one line of education. Choose whether it’s real estate investing and let’s say it’s, you know, passive income and if it’s passive income, is it single family rentals, is it multi-family, is it small balance commercial and learn everything you can about that for the next three months. Just that and that only completely immerse yourself into it and then you’ll actually be able to get things out of it. I think you remember about when you were in school, right?

Like my daughter, she comes home with her math problems. She’s been basically doing different types of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all year. Her school year’s almost over with. She’s been in school for about eight months. She’s only in fifth grade, but she has math class every day. She learns about multiplication and division every day. So it’s not like she’s going from one topic to the next to the next and skipping over and learning one thing for a month and then not learning about that for three months and then coming back to it.

It’s the repeat, it’s the discipline, it’s the staying with it. So the most successful people, they’re committed to their growth and their development. But the real hack here, the difference here is that if you want to invest in a certain type of real estate or the markets or you want to learn more about digital marketing, you need to focus on just learning that only singular focus, singular focus. Just for the next about three months. And if you do that, you will become an enormously productive and successful person. All right, well that brings us home. We’ve rounded third base. We hit home plate. I hope hit a grand slam. I hope you enjoyed it.

The nine things that enormously productive and successful people do, the nine things they do and the nine things that they refuse to do. This is number nine in our series and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, let us know, give us some feedback. Share it with your friends on the show the social media platforms. Invite one of your friends to listen to this series. You know, share a rating or review. Just share this stuff with the world. You know, my goal is to just help you and help as many people as I can be more successful, more productive, be a better CEO, a better leader, or a better investor, right? That’s what I’m here to do.

So I really am so happy that you enjoyed these nine episodes. If you missed an episode, make sure you go back, check it out and listen to these over and over and over again. Don’t just listen to them once. Learn and go through them more than one time so you can actually implement what you’ve learned. Thanks so much for being a part of the Accelerated Investor family and we’ll see you next time. Take care.

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Imagine that you own a successful, booming real estate investing business. Your profits are awesome, your systems and processes are all running smoothly, and your market is doing well.

Do you just sit back, relax, and take your success for granted? Of course not!

As an entrepreneur, you know that it’s essential to continue learning, growing, developing, and perfecting your skills – indefinitely. And the most productive and successful people in the world also know this; that’s why they refuse to stop learning.

Even if you feel like your business model is pretty solid, the world is constantly changing. The markets are always evolving, technology is always progressing, and strategies for success are always changing. If you want to keep up, you have to refuse to stop learning.

To help you get started, Josh shares his owning learning journey – and how he went from struggling with reading to becoming an avid, voracious reader. He also explains how to have a singular focus while learning, and why this is crucial to your success.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the previous episodes in this podcast series. Remember: being a constant learner will only help your business!

What’s Inside:

  • How Josh went from struggling in high school English class to becoming an avid reader who retains information well
  • Tips for focusing on ONE specific topic at a time
  • Advice for figuring out your learning style/strategy

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