#011: 9 Things Insanely Productive People Refuse to Do: Part 7

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So, hey, welcome back. Hey, I hope you’re enjoying this. You know, we’ve got tons of comments and questions inside of the Accelerated Investor podcast and ratings and reviews and it seems like people are really eating this, this up, this nine part series, the nine things that successful and productive people, the nine things that they refuse to do and the things that they’re focused on. And I was able to create this list just, you know, observing my own friends, my own entrepreneurial buddies, successful real estate investors, successful market investors, guys in my mastermind group that I associate with other people in mastermind groups that I’ve paid for to be a part of. And in this next one is really simple but very, very, very powerful and, so characteristic number seven of a successful and productive people is they refuse to believe that what they want is impossible.

They believe that everything is possible. And so it’s the simple belief it’s the simple, they tell themselves every single day that what I want to do is possible I’ve just got to find the right people. I’ve got to be resourceful. I’ve got to go find the right connections. And they search and they search and they search and they execute, execute, execute until that what they want becomes a reality, okay. So, when we’re looking at what we want, like a lot of times it’s just a matter of do we believe that what we want as possible? And if we believe it’s possible, we’re just never going to stop until it actually happens, okay. Or we say, ah, you know what I really want the car that I want, the relationship that I want, the house that I want, that the second house that I want the business that I want.

You know, that’s never going to happen that’s impossible. And whatever you tell yourself on a daily basis, it’s going to create habits. It’s going to create regular recurrent actions and that’s what’s going to become reality. So if you tell yourself that it’s possible, your body and your business and your team and your staff is all going to be like rallying around that possibility. And the truth is, is that most of the time, not most of the time, every single time, if something’s been accomplished in business, in your investments, you know, as a leader, every single time that you accomplish something new, you’ve never done it before, okay. So it’s just the belief that it’s possible that leads to the actual accomplishment. If you tell yourself that is impossible and again, enormously and productive, successful people, they never say it’s impossible because it’s impossible it’ll never happen.

Like nobody’s ever successful saying like, I’ll never do this. I’ll never create a successful marketing agency. I’ll never create successful real estate investments. I’ll never be a great CEO that’s impossible, and then somehow some way it happens. That never ever happens, okay. The only way that it actually happens is that they tell themselves that it is possible and they rally their team, they rally their staff, they rally their family, their friends, their spouse, their significant other. They rally them together and say, here’s what we’re going to try to accomplish. This may seem impossible, but we’re going to do it. It’s possible for us. It’s possible for me. It’s possible we can do this and you may not even know exactly how you’re going to do it.

The most successful and productive people that I’ve met, you know, they tell themselves I was like, this is possible this is what I want. This is the business that I want to create. It’s possible. And then they run into all kinds of obstacles. I’ll give you an example. My friend Vinnie Fisher, is the CEO of a company called Fully Accountable. He also runs a mastermind group that I’m in called Total CEO and a Fully Accountable, Vinnie was in business with a friend and Vinnie was a very successful young, hot shot attorney and Vinnie to create a business where he actually ran a company of staff accountants. And why Vinnie would think about this as an attorney. Like why would he want to create a business that essentially did staff accounting for people? So he launched a business. He has this big vision for how they’re going to create this amazing company and he has the belief that it’s possible.

And Vinnie then runs into all kinds of issues with their clients. And he says, well, you know, this client is having trouble I can’t do the accounting there’s logistical problems and getting over all the expenses, all the P and L’s, all the balance sheets, all the income, you know there’s manual, there’s checks, there’s big deposits, there’s online ecommerce deposits, there’s all these things going on. All of sudden he’s got clients that are not happy and things aren’t going right and he’s up late and he’s losing sleep and he’s thinking like, how am I going to create a better business? But he kept telling himself, it’s possible this is a business I think that people need. And Vinnie kept telling me and I actually became a client of Vinnie’s, like we actually, we actually became a client of his and he was doing some of our staff accounting and my CFO, Roberto said, you know what? This relationship is just not working out it’s actually creating more work for me, not less.

So we actually stopped using Vinnie’s service, even though he’s a friend of mine, we stopped using his service. But Vinnie he kept telling himself like, I can make this better. It is possible. I can create a bigger, better business. It’s something’s going to work out. And so Vinnie said to himself like, what if we only worked with ECOM companies? What if we only worked with companies that did all their sales through merchant processing where we can see all the income coming in through their ecommerce merchant account. So the merchant account is processing all the payments we could see that in real time. We can log into the software, whether you know whatever shopping cart you use, you log into the software and you can see the digital currency, digital payments coming in and all the money being dumped into the bank account.

And he thinks, you know what, it’s a lot easier to run this business if we just work with ECOM companies and they did that, they made that optimization and then the business that he wanted becomes more of a possibility. And then he says, you know what? The businesses that we want to work with our actual client is not the CEO. The client that we want to go after is the CFO, the CFO of the business. The CFO is the one who we want to work with because we want to make the CFO’s job super easy. We want to do all the staff accounting that the CFO can get all this data in real time. We can do all their QuickBooks, their profit and loss their balance sheets, all their expenses, pay all their bills, do all that stuff for the CFO and we’ll make it super easy and so Vinnie could have given up on his dream of running this business, but he believed, I just got to make an optimization.

I know what’s possible. I know that this can work out. I’ve just got to figure it out. And the market was telling him, let’s just work with ECOM companies and let’s work with CFO’s and now Vinnie’s built an amazing business where he’s rallying his company, they’re making profits, they’re having a big business, it’s doing really, really well, and his dream of having this business and Vinnie’s owned multiple seven, eight and eight figure businesses. This business now is his baby and he loves it and he’s building it and he believes that it can provide him everything he’s ever wanted. It’s possible, but he easily could have given up when he launched the business and nobody wanted his services. He launched the business and he was working with the wrong client. He was launched the business and he’s working with the wrong Avatar, the wrong customer, the wrong, you know the wrong person.

You didn’t know that the specific person you should be using and going after was the CFO, okay. So enormously productive and successful people, they just believe it’s not for any specific reason. A lot of them have had success. A lot of them have had massive failures. They just believe that whatever they want is possible. They just tell themselves, even in the face of all their friends, all their family, everybody telling them you’re a total jackass. This is never going to work for you. But as long as they listen to their staff, they listen to the market, they get feedback and they told themselves, yeah, this is possible. I might have to make some tweaks. I might have the business that I end up with or the investment that I end up with, or the staff that I end up with may not be the staff that I started with.

I have to make some tweaks, but they believe this is going to lead me to the next thing, this is possible. And so successful and productive people refuse to believe that what they want is impossible. If you want success, you want to be productive. If you want to be a better salesperson, a better parent, a better business owner, a better CEO, a better investor, whatever you believe, you have to believe that it’s a possibility and keep telling yourself, we can do this, we can do this. I know we can do this. We’ll find a way. We’ll find the resources, we’ll find the money, we’ll find the investor will find the customers. It’s going to happen. And eventually it does plain and simple. And so the friends, you know, and the entrepreneurs that I’ve been around, I’m super excited. This is one of the biggest things that I learned from them is they have massive challenges, but they continue to sell, tell themselves like, we’re going to build this thing.

It’s going to work. It’s possible. You’ve got to have that core belief or it’s never going to happen for you. So I hope you enjoyed this conversation. I really enjoyed sharing that with you. And that leads me to the next, so on a personal level, this next characteristic characteristic number eight is to refuse to become overwhelmed. And you know, this next one for me has a lot of personal meaning. And so I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experience with overwhelmed. I’m going to tell you about my experience with being, you know, committing to too much and having too many things going on and how enormously successful and productive people refuse to become overwhelmed. They stay organized, they stay focused, and they don’t lose themselves in the complexity of overwhelm. So hope you enjoy that episode. Join me on that one next.

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What would you consider to be the greatest invention of all time?

The printing press? Electricity? The automobile? Vaccinations? The airplane? The internet?

The list could go on and on. But one thing that all these history-making inventions have in common is this… they all started out as just beliefs. And the people who invented those things all believed they could accomplish what was perceived by many as the “impossible.”

That’s because insanely productive people refuse to believe that what they want is impossible. Instead, they have a consistently positive and driven mindset, and they make the conscious decision to never give up on their goals.

In part 7 of this podcast, Josh explains how to develop and maintain a driven mindset. Plus, he shares the experiences of his friend Vinnie, who founded a business, experienced some struggles, and maintained a driven mindset so he could optimize his business model. The end result? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out…

What’s Inside:

  • How to use your internal monologue to create habits
  • How your attitude can shape your team members’ mindsets
  • How Josh’s friend Vinnie started his business and found his niche

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