#008: 9 Things Insanely Productive People Refuse to Do: Part 5

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So, hey, welcome back. Thanks for joining me, this is Josh Cantwell. Welcome back to Accelerated Investor and we are in the middle of our nine part series about the nine things that enormously productive people, the things that they refuse to do or the nine characteristics of enormously productive people. And this is number five and number five is really, really, really important. Maybe the most important of all the nine characteristics.

Which is that enormously productive people refuse to allow past failures to stop them from pursuing their new dreams and their future. You know, I would say the most productive people, the most successful leaders, the most successful entrepreneurs that I’ve ever met, they’re also the world’s biggest failures. They’re the world’s biggest failures. You know, the friends that I have that are real estate investors, they all have done deals that they’ve gotten absolutely burned on. They’ve all invested with someone. They’ve done a joint venture partnership. They’ve invested in a deal that went absolutely awful for them. It took too long. The cost to put the deal together, it was too much. They lost money on it. They got stuck in a deal, whatever. They had an enormous failure.

But the most successful real estate investors I know that have massive passive portfolios that invest in residential and commercial deals, value at apartments, commercial buildings, small balance, commercial, big balance commercial, they have those past failures. And those past failures, they just simply look at it a learning lesson. And the people that I see that get into an investment or start a business or invest in real estate, or they want to work for themselves or start their own company or start their own marketing agency and they stop, is because typically they have one failure or two failures or three failures and they think this dream, this end game that they have is that it can’t continue because of these failures I’ve had.

I’m not good enough or I’m not smart enough or I’ve tried and I’ve failed so many times, I just might as well give up. And so really productive people, really successful people, they just look at these failures as a part of life. It’s a part of business. It’s a part of what’s going to happen. And when they have a marketing campaign that they start or they do something that is not working, they think to themselves like, look what can I learn from that? That’s a lesson, that’s a failure. Sure, but what lesson can I take away from that, that I can incorporate into a future business? You know, I was at Tony Robbins event Unleash The Power Within and one of the sessions, I can’t remember if it was Tony or if it was, you know, his partner, Joseph McClendon, who teaches part of that workshop, that event I was in New Jersey.

There were 14,000 screaming amazing, crazy people. Most of the people in that event were entrepreneurs or business owners or leaders and they’re just looking to get better. And I would bet you that out of the 14,000 that were there, there were 14,000 people who had failed 14,000 people that screwed up 14,000 people that stopped or that had a divorce or a bankruptcy or a business that failed, or a marketing campaign that worked where they wasted a ton of money or real estate investment that didn’t work. But they were there screaming their heads off dancing, jumping around for three or four days because they didn’t let their past failure stop their belief and their future dreams. They all had future dreams and they said, look, I’m just going to use that as a learning lesson.

And you know, I’ve started companies, I mean I’ve had business deals that have gone incredibly bad. You know, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve hired a contractor to renovate one of my properties or one of my buildings and the contractor either stole money or was, you know, behind time, behind budget, behind schedule and it costs me money. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop investing because I know that real estate is the ultimate legacy wealth builder. So I’m not going to let these failures that I’ve had with contractors stop me from investing in a future deal, okay. I even told myself now that I know that contractors, you know, some of the most toughest parts of real estate for sure. And it contractors typically going to last for me about two to three years max. So it’s just one example. If you look at a marketing funnel, typically marketing campaigns and marketing funnels have about a one to three year life cycle, a really, really good marketing funnel.

Let’s say it’s a webinar offer or an ecommerce offer, or maybe it’s a set of Facebook ads that you’re running, those aren’t going to last forever. You know, you’re going to have a certain video that just crushes it, that drives traffic to your website or drives traffic to your business. Then for sure enough in one or three years that’s going to fizzle out. It’s no longer going to convert and it’s going to become a failure and you’re going to think, oh crap why is that not working? It was so easy when that webinar offer or that offer was converting and it was working well. You know, how do I get that to work more? How do I get that to work better? How do I redo it? So you’re going to have to restart. So even successes will become a potential future failure because everything’s seasons out over time.

You know, certain relationships that you have that all of a sudden something goes bad. You know, I’ve had relationships with my own brothers, my own brothers that have gone bad in our adult life. And it became essentially a failure. Well, I’m not going to let that stand in my way of the dream that I have of having amazing relationships with my family and with my brothers. But we might be in a season where we failed. We had a disagreement, we had a business that went bad together. We got in a fight, you know, maybe someone in his family or somebody in my family wasn’t getting along. And it was, it was awkward, it was weird. You know, maybe you’ve had that situation where you have a family member that you’ve gotten in fights with or you’re having disagreements with or maybe, you know, I can’t even believe how many people in my adult age now are not communicating with their parents or they’ve stopped talking to a brother or a sister, okay.

Many people would look at that as a failure. But ultimately, if your dream, your dream is to have an amazing relationship with your family, you know, take note of the failure. Take note of what went wrong and be the person that says, look, we failed, but this is not where we have to stay. We failed in this business or we failed in this relationship, but we don’t have to stay here forever, okay? You can even allow that to take, you know, let it sink in, let it take time, let it take a day or a week or a month, whatever that is. But don’t let it stay as a failure forever. A failed relationship is a relationship that where you stopped talking and you’re not communicating forever, that’s a failure. But when you have a relationship that goes bad and you fail in that moment for that week or that month or that year, and you’re maybe not talking to somebody or you’re talking less, or you’re fighting more, that’s a failure.

But that doesn’t have to last forever. My own relationship with my wife, you know, as entrepreneurs, we have a whole other level of stress, a whole other level of complexity in our personal life that most people don’t experience because they’re not entrepreneurs. They don’t have all these moving parts that we have. We have amazing moving parts. We have so many different levers that are being pulled in both our personal life and our business life and our investing life that it creates a tremendous amount of stress. And when there are times when Lisa and I don’t get along, when we fight, that’s a failure.

But we have the dream of having an amazing relationship an amazing marriage and being amazing parents to our three kids that Juliana, Alessandra and Dominic, that if we let the failure of that fight, we let the failure of a business or the failure of an investment impact us forever. You know, we’ve lost, we’ve lost. And so enormously productive and successful people, they refuse to let these past failures stop them. It can pause things for a minute. It can tell you like, I’ve got to step back, I’ve got to step back and take inventory of what’s going on. But they refused to allow those failures to stop them from they’re new actions and their new dreams.

They’re new actions and they’re new dreams have to be so big and so fun and so powerful and so exciting that the failure is almost becomes meaningless. The failure becomes something to just learn from, it’s just a lesson, it’s not something that stops them. And so one of the ways to do this, one of the ways that my friends and the people that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to observe, they refuse to let this failure stop them in the way that actually deal with it, is that they create new goals, new dreams, new future that’s so big, that’s so fun, that’s so exciting that they get ramped up, they get revved up, they get excited to pursue that, that the old failure becomes so much less important, so much less a part of their life, so much less meaningful. Because the new dream, the new goal is so big, it overwhelms the past failure.

So if you have a failure that you’re dealing with now, what you need to do, one of the tactics, one of the ways, one of the hacks to deal with that is to sit down with people that you love. Whether it’s your spouse, whether it’s a boyfriend a girlfriend, people in your business, your family, your kids. Come up with a new dream, come up with a new thing, something that you can get really juiced for. Something you can get really jacked for something that you wake up in the middle of the night and think this is so awesome. I’m no longer losing sleep at night because of a failure. Now I’m excited to get up in the morning. I don’t need eight or 10 hours of sleep, I’m not under the covers all day. I’m actually getting up and I’m fired up for this new dream. Make the new dream overwhelm the past failure and let that failure just disappeared. That’s how I deal with it, okay.

So hope you enjoyed that tip, I hope that impacts your life, that probably number five, refusing to allow past failures to stop your new actions, your new dreams, your new future. That is probably the most important of the nine characteristics of enormously successful and productive people. So fantastic, so I look forward to continuing our discussion on these nine enormously nine things enormously successful people do and refuse to do. And we’re going to continue with nine. We’re on number five, we’re going to move on to number six. Number six is that enormously productive people refuse to think small or give any space to self-limiting beliefs. I look forward to sharing that with you next.

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Did you know that some of the most successful, financially thriving entrepreneurs around the globe are also the world’s biggest failures?

Let that sink in. The most successful people are also the biggest failures

But here’s what separates them from unsuccessful entrepreneurs: they refuse to let their failures prevent them from pursuing their dreams in the future. Instead of allowing their failures to define successful people view their mistakes as learning opportunities that will bring them one step closer to achieving their goals. 

In Part 5 of our series, Josh shares his tips on how investors can fail with grace. After all, everyone makes mistakes – in their professional and personal lives. But our mistakes don’t need to define us. 

Take a listen to hear Josh’s insight on his own failures, as well as his advice for moving forward from mistakes – even the big, financially devastating ones.  

What’s Inside:

  • How to avoid a defeatist attitude and look at your failures as lessons 
  • Stories of Josh’s past failures in his businesses and personal life 
  • Tips for moving forward after a particularly difficult failure

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