recession Market Outlook: Deflation in a Recessionary Market with Daren Blomquist – EP 380

Today, Daren Blomquist discusses high-level KPIs, housing supply, distressed markets, consumer spending trends, and cautious bullishness.

Read More Market Outlook: The Next Recession’s Impact on the Housing Market with Daren Blomquist – EP 322

Daren Blomquist is the in-house economist for, where he sifts through real estate data to help businesses make better decisions.

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Real Estate: The Hedge Against Inflation and Recessions with J Scott – EP 315

J Scott has become a very successful investor, entrepreneur, advisor, and author. He’s the co-host of The BiggerPockets Business Podcast.

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Using a Real Estate Attorney to Skyrocket Your Syndication Success with Nic McGrue – EP 306

Nic McGrue is an attorney who works with operators and has extraordinary insight into what’s going on in the market and where we’re headed.

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#060: What’s Next for the Housing Market & How to Prepare

Housing market trends, as well as the overall state of the economy, have a huge impact on real estate investors. To make the smartest decisions for your business, you need to stay informed. Get started by checking out Josh Cantwell’s most recent conversation with Daren Blomquist, VP of Market Economics at

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