mortgage lending

#070: Helping Others Build Wealth Through Real Estate Ownership: Aaron Chapman’s Story

Mega producer Aaron Chapman originates and closes upwards of 700 mortgage loans every year, making him one of the top loan officers in the nation. In this podcast, Josh discovers what drives Aaron toward success, and gets Aaron’s take on some of the challenges that home buyers face in today’s lending environment.

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#051: From Single- to Multi-Family Properties: How to Grow Your Biz

Making the switch from a “typical” job to starting your own business can be intimidating. But, for real estate investors like Doug Shelton, the change is entirely worth it. Recently, Doug has made a new type of transition: from investing in single-family properties to testing his skills with multi-family and apartment properties. Find out his money-making strategies and discover what he’s learned along his entrepreneurial journey.

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#047: How to Achieve Big-Time Success at Any Age

Becoming a successful entrepreneur, business owner, or real estate investor takes ambition and hard work – but it’s a goal that can be attained at any age. Tyler Brummett, real estate investor and VP of Business Development for Freeland Ventures, shares his story of professional success and how he became a Director at Quicken Loans in his 20s.

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