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Rehabbing New Properties to Prevent Future Headaches with Jennifer Barner – EP 379

Jennifer Barner is the owner and syndicator of over 1,900 doors. She’s also the host of the Mastering Money for Moms podcast.

Chris Larsen on Creating ‘Next-Level Income’ to Achieve True Financial Freedom – EP 301

Chris Larsen is the author of Next-Level Income and an expert in helping people create and build passive income streams.

#201: Investing in Smaller, Multifamily Real Estate with Edward Lowell

Smaller multifamily deals can be a great starting point to invest in real estate, as well as a great side-hustle. Today Ed Lowell talks about his great success investing in smaller, multifamily real estate on the side of his regular 9 to 5 job.

#081: The Balance Between Purpose and Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a great thing to have and all of us want to get there at some point. However, being a successful entrepreneur also means having to make sacrifices in your personal life. Or does it? Well, I talk to Cliff Hayden, entrepreneur/real estate investor, about how he got into the real estate business, how financial freedom affected his personal life and what he had to develop to find the hard yet rewarding balance between his purpose in life and financial freedom.

#077: Financial Freedom Through Team Building

I speak to life-long entrepreneur, property investor and my friend Jack Petrick about the success of his business, and his plans for the future. We cover the importance of setting goals, delegating, and why we what we do. We also talk about ways to maximize the time we have available so we can serve our children and families.

#066: Smart & Strategic Ways to Build Cashflow and Increase Your Wealth

Cashflow strategist, wealth creation expert, and Ninja Cashflow podcast creator/host M.C. Laubscher is a wealth of information (literally) when it comes to managing, protecting, and multiplying your money. Hear his guidance for real estate investors and other business owners who want to strategically increase their long-term cashflow and manage their assets.

#017: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 2

Everyone wants to succeed – whether in business, their personal lives, or – for most people – a combination of both. But achieving your goals means nothing if you don’t have strong, well-defined reasons for wanting to succeed. In Part 2 of the 10-step peak performance success formula series, Josh explains why finding your “reasons” is an essential part of your professional and personal growth.

#015: 10 Step Peak Performance Success Formula – Part 1

Achieving peak performance and creating a highly profitable, successful business is a common goal of all entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors – but how do you get there? Josh Cantwell’s 10-step Peak Performance Success Formula is the perfect place to start. If you’re ready to experience financial freedom, this series is for you.

#013: How to Secure Up to $150K in Seed Capital for Your Business

If you’re a real estate investor, small business owner, or entrepreneur who is starting your own company, it can be a challenge to find the right seed capital source to get yourself off to a strong financial start. Seed Capital could be the answer to your needs. This reputable company has provided startup capital for more than 30,000 clients.