The Entrepreneurial Cheat Code with Mike Gleba – EP 368

Mike Gleba is the Founder and CEO of One 10 Media, a highly successful digital marketing agency that helps DTC eCommerce brands.

The Autopilot Approach to Raising Capital with Yakov Smart – EP 366

Yakov Smart is the leader of the Investor Attraction Academy and a highly sought-after authority who helps real estate entrepreneurs.

Why Following Your Passion is Terrible Advice for New Entrepreneurs with Josh Cantwell – EP 353

Today, I’m talking about why my career hasn’t just been about “following my passion” and what I think is a more valuable piece of advice.

#081: The Balance Between Purpose and Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a great thing to have and all of us want to get there at some point. However, being a successful entrepreneur also means having to make sacrifices in your personal life. Or does it? Well, I talk to Cliff Hayden, entrepreneur/real estate investor, about how he got into the real estate business, how financial freedom affected his personal life and what he had to develop to find the hard yet rewarding balance between his purpose in life and financial freedom.