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Pivoting from Residential to Commercial Real Estate with Josh Cantwell – EP 364

Today, you’ll learn why I pivoted from residential to commercial real estate. What I needed to learn in order to break into multifamily.

54 Niles Update: Sold for $1.1M in Profit!! – EP 330

Today’s episode is a perfect case study with an update on 54 Niles that we recently sold for over $1.1M in profit.

Learning about Commercial Real Estate Syndications The Easy Way with Andrew Schutsky – EP 295

Andrew Schutsky is the founder of Redline Equity, LLC. He got into his first two deals as a general partner only five months into his career.

Jake Harris on the 6 Things to Include in your Real Estate Stress Tests – EP 268

Jake Harris has over 18 years of experience in real estate, construction, and investment management. He’s also the author of Catching Knives.

Chad King on Making the Leap to Commercial Multifamily Real Estate – EP 259

Chad King shares how he took the leap, grew his portfolio after purchasing his first 14-unit building, and continues to find great deals.

Five Strategies to Find Off-Market Deals with Stewart Beal – EP 251

Stewart Beal provides an in-depth breakdown of his fund structure, and shares why hiring real property managers is so important,

#179: How to Wholesale Apartment Buildings

Jamil Damji excels at finding deal flow even during challenging times. And right now, times are challenging for mom-and-pop landlords who are getting squeezed by the eviction moratoriums. Hear how Jamil is using his wholesaling skills to solve a unique market problem.

#128: Actively Managing Markets & Lending

For an inside look into how the lending end is holding up for real estate, Angelo Christian talks about his mortgage loan origination business. As one of the top producing loan originators in the country, Angelo’s perspective is invaluable. In addition, his personal story will inspire you to be better and work harder.

#116: Buckingham Team Interview – PPP Loans and Debt Forgiveness — part 2

In this second part of my conversation with Buckingham attorneys Richard, Nate, and David, we talk about the impact of COVID-19 on bankruptcies, commercial real estate, and court cases. Because of their work with insolvency, the attorneys have some great ideas on how to restructure a business or a contract to protect assets, and where you can look to expand your real estate portfolio.

#115: Buckingham Team Interview — PPP Loans and Debt Forgiveness Part 1

A lot of the initial conversations about the PPP Loan had to do with employee benefits. As we’ve moved further along in the crisis, that conversation has shifted. For an insider’s perspective on how the PPP loan can help companies beyond payroll, I talk with attorneys from Buckingham, a law firm based here in Ohio.