nvesting in multi-family, value-add apartments is not for the faint of heart but it can be an extremely profitable niche of this industry. Case in point: Real estate investor Jason Yarusi of New Jersey, who owns 400+ units, has had amazing success in the multi-family investing business.

In this podcast, Jason shares how he first got started in real estate investing, and how he grew from investing in single-family flips to multi-family apartments. He also explains his fascinating method of investing in flood area-impacted properties, which he lifts (builds a new FEMA-compliant foundation that raises the house up) and then sells for profit.

Jason also touches on his financing strategy for multi-unit properties, and talks about the best ways to perfect your processes (hint: start small!)

Whether you invest in single-family or multi-unit properties, Jasons insightful advice rings true for every investor. Tune in to hear how many units he hopes to own 5 years from now.


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