The Real Estate Fast-Track for Multifamily Investors with Samson Jagoras – EP 224

Samson and I are talking about why big real estate is more attainable than single family homes, regardless of your level of experience.

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52 Lake Case Study: Increased Value from $3M to $5.2M! – EP 223

Josh Cantwell walks you through the steps for acquiring the building, making upgrades, and increasing the value from $3M to $5.2M!

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Chris Prefontaine on Getting Paid 3 Times For Every Real Estate Deal You Do – EP 222

Chris Prefontaine only buys real estate “on terms” without using any of his own cash or credit. Today, you’ll learn exactly how he does it!

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The Entrepreneurial Journey to Forever Passive Income with Josh Cantwell – EP 221

The Fastest Way To Build A Six Or Even… Seven Figure Real Estate EMPIRE!  If you want to automate and explode your real estate business, check out my coaching program! Click Here Coaching As I was taking my daughter to school for her first day of 6th grade, I couldn’t help but think about the...

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James Kandasamy on Avoiding the Real Estate Debt Trap! – EP 220

James Kandasamy is Principal Director at Achieve Investment Group - a vertically integrated real estate company. Today, we're talking all about how to avoid the real estate debt trap!

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The Offer Process: New Listings, Tours, LOI’S and Being Awarded the Deal with Josh Cantwell – EP 219

If you’re a new or intermediate investor who has never made an offer on a broker-listed deal, this is The Process!

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Vetted Real Estate Syndications for the Passive Investor with Spencer Hilligoss – EP 218

Spencer Hilligoss is CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing — a company that carefully vets sponsors, markets, and deals, to create passive income opportunities for busy professionals (just like you). 

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Capital Improvements with Josh Cantwell – EP 217

In today’s episode, Josh Cantwell wanted to share some ways that you can optimize your capital improvements.

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