#088: Staying Compliant With Real Estate Syndication

Getting called by an SEC regulator could be the beginning of a dark chapter in your real estate career, but if you are prepared with an airtight disclosure, it’s not going to be a big deal. Syndication attorney Mauricio Rauld knows exactly how to keep you compliant and safe so that you can continue to work your deal-making magic on this side of a jail cell.

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#087: How To Build A Team Of “A” Players

Despite technology’s huge importance in a business, people are still what makes a business grow. If mediocre performances seem to follow your team around, then Rick Crossland’s advice for building an A team is something you do not want to miss. Build a better recruiting system that finds and retains the absolute best employees who will take your business to the next level.

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#086: Visualize Your Certain Success With Goal Setting

Losing a $50 million dollar portfolio in the real estate crash seems like a cataclysmic event that no one could recover from, but not for Rod Kleif. He has used his goal setting and visualization techniques to rebuild his real estate empire, and he offers up actionable ways that you can too. We talk about the definition of true success for every entrepreneur that is measured by how we give back to our communities, and not just by how many homes we own.

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#085: Create a Fun-Filled REI Life

Pouring your whole heart into a business changes how you do business. I talk with Corey Peterson from Kahuna Wealth Builders about the pivotal moment that changed the way he does business, forever. What drives Corey’s passion for real estate is fun and freedom because life is about people and relationships, and not about the things we acquire.

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#084: Becoming a Conscious Millionaire: How to Make a HUGE Impact on Your Business

JV Crum III (Founder & CEO of the Conscious Millionaire Institute and host of the Conscious Millionaire podcast) shares his advice for entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders who want to identify their passions, uncover their purpose, and take action to achieve their versions of financial freedom.

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#083: Network Your Way to Great Investors

Whether you’re new to the business or an experienced dealmaker, building real relationships based on trust are incredibly important for your long term real estate business strategy. Kenny Wolfe from Wolfe Investments gives up some great advice today on how to develop a real estate portfolio that thrives on relationships.

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#082: Accelerating Your Real Estate Portfolio with Multi-Family Units

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AZq8vwaMxw Transcript Josh: Hey, welcome back to Accelerated Investor. How are you today? Wherever you’re at in the world, whether you’re traveling, having fun with your family, in the car, by yourself listening to the at the gym. I appreciate you engaging with me at Accelerated Investor, our podcast community and our Facebook group continued...

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#X-Mas Bonus: 10 Takeaways From 2019

https://youtu.be/lV18cLmN1rM Transcript Welcome to The Accelerated Investor Podcast with Josh Cantwell, if you love entrepreneurship and investing in real estate then you are in the right place. Josh is the CEO of Freeland Ventures Real Estate Private Equity and has personally invested in well over 500 properties all across the country. He’s also made hundreds...

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