The Multifamily Real Estate Report – June 2021 – EP 205

I get a lot of questions about what it’s like to run a large multifamily business As a way to bridge the gap and to show you what’s involved, this update outlines the various projects we’re working on, from our smallest properties, to our largest ones.

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Ira Singer on Choosing a General Contractor for Your Next Multifamily Real Estate Deal – EP 204

There’s A LOT that goes into a multi-family deal from concept to close — which is why so many real estate investors decide to work with a general contractor. But be warned, not all general contractors are created equal, and choosing the right one can be the difference between your project going good or bad.

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#203: Harness Your Real Estate Investments to Really Live Life to the Fullest with Jeff Holst

What would you do if your life was completely overturned? Would you be prepared for it? Today I talk with Jeff Holst about when his life was in complete disarray, and how investing in real estate got him back on track AND bought back some time.

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#202: Management Structure for Multifamily Properties

The management structure you set up for your multifamily properties can be the difference between handling all the day-to-day issues of property management or really focusing on finding more deals and capital investments. Today I talk you through several of the differences between in-house management and third-party management. You can examine them and decide if hiring a third-party management company might be right for you.

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#201: Investing in Smaller, Multifamily Real Estate with Edward Lowell

Smaller multifamily deals can be a great starting point to invest in real estate, as well as a great side-hustle. Today Ed Lowell talks about his great success investing in smaller, multifamily real estate on the side of his regular 9 to 5 job.

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#200: Rowley Case Study

These are truly unusual times in the real estate investing world. The available inventory to invest in is at an all-time low. Today I talk about one specific property that we decided to sell. I cover how we invested, flipped, and sold this property for a great profit.

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#199: Multi-Family Real Estate Investing with Gino Barbaro

Do you want to look into multi-family real estate investing but aren’t sure if it’s the right time? Do you have a few multi-family investments but want to scale up? Today Gino Barbaro shares his tips that took him from being a pizza guy to being a successful multi-family real estate investor.

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#198: Property Management vs. Asset Management with Kyle Mitchell

Owner-operator Kyle Mitchell from the Asset Management Summit is laser-focused on data-driven decisions about his multifamily portfolio. He’s passionate about improving the performance of his property management team, and you’re going to love hearing the incredibly specific ways he improves his property management metrics.

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