#149: Finding Your Next Level

Welcome to The Accelerated Investor Podcast with Josh Cantwell, if you love entrepreneurship and investing in real estate then you are in the right place. Josh is the CEO of Freeland Ventures Real Estate Private Equity and has personally invested in well over 500 properties all across the country. He’s also made hundreds of private lender loans and owns over 1,000 units of apartments. Josh is an expert at raising private money for deals and he prides himself on never having had a boss in his entire adult life. Josh and his team also mentor investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. He doesn’t dream about doing deals, he actually does them and so do his listeners and students. Now sit back, listen, learn, and accelerate your business, your life, and your investing with The Accelerated Investor Podcast.

Josh:  Hey, guys, welcome back to Accelerate investor. Hey, Josh here and in this episode, you guys are absolutely gonna love this. Now, I have to be honest. This episode is really for the guys. For the ladies that are out there. You’re gonna love this episode. But today, I’m interviewing Raul Villacis. Raul is an absolute dynamite speaker, trainer and entrepreneur. He’s sold over 100 million dollars worth of real estate assets. But that’s really not his superpower. His superpower is helping men, helping men to get absolute clarity in their life, helping men get certainty of who they are and what they’re about to accomplish. Helping men go from having sort of fake confidence to real confidence to absolute certainty and what they are doing. We’re going to talk today about his event. It’s called The Edge. He’s doing an event very soon called The Next Level. So find mynextlevel.com. I want to plug that early and often. And in this interview, we talk about masking fear. We talk about men who are sedated warriors through drugs, alcohol, and really not having focus on what they’re really doing. We talk about men going through their midlife crisis and how it’s really a rite of passage for them to get to the other side, to have that certainty, that energy, that clarity in their life. We’re going to talk about letting go of the past, letting go of the story is letting go of the fake stories in your life that are holding you back, whether it’s the girl in high school that said no to you, whether it was the divorce that happened, whether it was the bankruptcy that happened and in living in the past, living in fear to actually be rebuilding a new foundation and having exponential growth. You’re gonna love this interview with Raul Villacis. Check it out. 

Welcome to The Accelerated Investor Podcast with Josh Cantwell, if you love entrepreneurship and investing in real estate then you are in the right place. Josh is the CEO of Freeland Ventures Real Estate Private Equity and has personally invested in well over 500 properties all across the country. He’s also made hundreds of private lender loans and owns over 1,000 units of apartments. Josh is an expert at raising private money for deals and he prides himself on never having had a boss in his entire adult life. Josh and his team also mentor investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. He doesn’t dream about doing deals, he actually does them and so do his listeners and students. Now sit back, listen, learn, and accelerate your business, your life, and your investing with The Accelerated Investor Podcast.

Josh: So Raul, thanks so much for joining us today on Accelerated Investor, been looking forward this interview for a long time and obviously Raul, listen, there’s so much going on today in the markets, the real estate market. But in the economy, there’s a lot of confusion, a lot of people not sure what to do. Election cycle, we just had this crazy, wild presidential debate the other night. People are a little bit unsure of what to do with Covid. But a lot of people looking for answers. And I know you have a number of trainings and ideas around this subject to help people get more clarity. So help me understand, Raul. What are you working on right now that you’re most excited about to help entrepreneurs get to the next level? 

Raul: Well, first of all, thank you, Josh, for having me here. Man, it’s an honor because I know every time somebody asked me to speak on their platform, I always don’t take it for granted because you can easily have anybody here. But when you buy me over to your platform, I really respect those who are putting in the work because that’s what you do. You’re putting in the work you bring about in your community. And a lot of people out there don’t appreciate the work that it takes to go podcasts. 

Josh: That’s right. That’s right. It’s work, man. It’s work. 

Raul: So there’s a lot of things that we’re talking about in my community is really the new currency and new currency right now is certainty. I mean, you saw this back in 2008 when the market crash on the stock market, you know, crash and the real estate market crash. Most people lost their wealth. They lost their properties and lost their certainty. At the bottom of this, you have to start asking yourself, like, my playing the same role as before. My sense, déjà vu, because a lot of clients call me up. This is 2008 again. What’s going to happen? You know, and please. No. Yeah. And then we are reliving the same story. And it happens all the time. So the analogy that I used consoling my clients is to help them understand that shit could always be worse. Now, that doesn’t mean it is far beyond what you know, back with what’s going on right now. We have technology which which allows us to to leverage and to adapt and adjust accordingly. So I’m really excited to take advantage of what I call one of the biggest storm, as I’m going to see in our lifetimes. 

Josh: Yeah, big storm. So helping people understand confidence versus certainty. A lot of people there’s real confidence, confidence in ourselves that we carry around. Keep our head up high. Feel really good about what we’re doing. There’s fake confidence where a lot of people live, especially in the social media world, that we have people projecting fake confidence on Instagram and Facebook and all these other places. And then there’s the concept that you just mentioned of certainty, where people feel like things even though they haven’t happened yet, they’re absolutely going to happen. So Raul. Help us in your trainings. How do you help somebody goal from maybe the kind of fake it till they make it to having real confidence, to having true certainty in who they are and what they’re doing? 

Raul: Well, the first thing is I understand that confidence and certainty are two different things. Anybody can be confident. I mean, we’ve got you know, you could pump me up and tell me how great I am. I feel confident. So confident is a feeling company is something that I look at it from the outside. Right. And we have to project them to outside. Certainty comes from within. Certainty comes on the times that you may not know how to do it, but you are certain that you’re going to figure it out. And it goes beyond you. The certainty that that I want people to understand that they need to work on is a certainty of being guided. Are you being guided? Are you here for a reason? Do you have a purpose? And the purpose is not just to make money because I’ve been through it, you know, I might start to gain from making money. I look back at it as an aid. I was worth millions of millions of dollars. And I feel certain to the point that when the market crashed, I was one of those guys. That’s not gonna affect me. I have enough money and enough in size. I’m smart now. That’s going to affect every other guy, but not me. So I was confident in myself, but that confidence made me lose billions of dollars because I was confident doing the wrong thing instead of humbling myself. Insane shit. I don’t have all the answers. I mean, now what the next move is. And I think a lot of people mistake confidence and humility and they don’t. They think that if I’m humble, then I’m not competent. No. If you are focusing on the outside of what people think or what you have or what business you in, you’re bringing confidence based on the outside world. I’m looking at bringing competence with it being uncertainty from the inside out. 

Josh: That is fabulous. So you have the next level experience, a virtual workshop, virtual event you’re putting on here just in the next couple of days. I would love to hear kind of a microcosm, a small mini version of what you’re gonna be walking people through. I’m going to be taking part in this. It’s complimentary. We’re gonna put the link in the show notes for all of our members. I can’t wait to go through this. I’ve been through other events. I’ve been through Tony Robbins, unleash the power within. I’ve been to other events. Some of that’s kind of leave you feeling pumped up, but not a lot of substance in. The research I’ve done on you and the introductions I’ve gotten from you. I know that your members leave with a lot of substance. Solet’s talk about that and what we’re gonna kind of walk people through. Give us a mini walkthrough in this podcast of where you start somebody. I’ll take someone like me, 44 years old, happily married, three kids or multiple businesses. I’ve certainly had ups and downs, Raul, just like anybody else. And sometimes, you know, you maybe just don’t have it that day. Maybe some days you do have it. So other days you’re like, wow, I feel like I’m in a good spot. I don’t feel motivated like I used to be. And since you work with a lot of men, again, I’m selfishly interested what that experience is going to look like. So give us a little microcosm of that experience coming up in a few few days here. 

Raul: So we would talk about. Let me take you back from how I was able to stumble and sort of things that I talk about. There’s a perfect yes. When I was going through my journey, what? I was going through the recession. Right. And I was comforting because I was making a lot of money. And it’s easy for you to be confident to have certainty even if you are making things happen right now. Before Covid, there was a lot of people at our conferences, a lot of people motivated, you know, people that that were worth a lot of money now. Covid comes in, the market comes in, and it humbles a lot of people. So what happens at that moment is that really tests your character. You really have to ask yourself, what, what, what, what am I really doing? Do I have a business that is so bold world that anything that could happen is going to take me out of business? Or can I built something that is strong enough to weather any storm and funny enough, in March of 2020? I was in the middle of a leadership event. I had a couple hundred people at my event and New York City got shut down. Oh, boy. 

Raul: The theme was How to Prepare for the Storm. And I was telling them right there. So, listen, the reality is that some of us are going to get Covid. Some of us are gonna get sick. But we can allow that to toto determine who would become we can allow the the fear determine what we do. And then two days later, my wife and I got diagnosed with Covid. So there I am. I’m talking about like, you know, you think. And then I get I get sick. And that morning when I had a high fever, Josh and I was laying in my bed, I wasn’t thinking about the money that I was making. I wasn’t thinking about all. I was thinking of all the times that I spent with my kids as I looked at all the impact that I made and I was pleading with God, I was asking God, please, you know, help me get better, help me, you know, recuperate. And then, I don’t know, I was delusional. I don’t know was a high fever. Then I heard the voice of God saying, why? Why, you know, why do you want to live? Why do you want what? Why do you want me to heal you and more, man? It was a deep question because I had to realize that I have to have a deeper purpose if I want to live. And then back in 2008, my purpose was just to make money. And when a market crash, I lost my purpose. Then I was scrambling, just like a lot of people right now are scrambling, thinking, what’s my next move? Right. 

Raul: So what I did is an I love, you know, the development industry because I think that the guys like you and I, we hardhead, we don’t go we don’t look for help on those. We have to drop by. When people ask me, Raul, you know, go to a self-help seminar or go to this, I’m like, fuck that. That’s not for me. I don’t get that. I’m a self-made man. It was when I needed it when I didn’t have the money to pay for it. Now I’m searching and now I’m Googling shit. Right. So I was lucky enough. Somebody came in by me to an event and I heard a speaker set in moments of crisis. It’s always an opportunity and that’s stuck with me. And I remember every morning go into the office again. I can’t pay my bills. It’s 2008. I’m losing properties left or right. I can sell anything to save my life. All I’m doing is burning through cash, burn through cash. That thought of in moments of chaos. There’s always an opportunity. Kept them going in my head. And then I never was, you know, God giving me some help or somebody sent me an email saying, sign up for this free webinar. Dress properties had no idea what distressed property was. All I know is I was stressed the fuck out of you have some distressed properties. What have I got to do with these things? Yeah. So I click on the link, I click on the webinar and I sit through a two hour presentation and the guy said you could be part of the big as a part. You’re right now investing in distressed properties, distressed assets, because people want to just get rid of their properties and banks don’t want to take them. So you can manage them, you could buy them, you could pretty much do whatever you want with them. 

Raul: And that’s the moment I realized that that’s opportunity. And you would never tell us at an age that nine or and properties left and right. So I went and I started knocking on the doors of the banks and I said, hey, I’m your guy. What do you have? You know, I could manage it. I could fix him, flip it, whatever you need. And I went from zero to one hundred. You know, we’ve done thousands of properties work with some of the biggest banks out there. Well, with opportunity. And it’s a niche market. So niche market. So now, fast forward. 2009, 2013? No, I’m making more money than before. You know, makes my business solid. And we have portfolios, we manage a thousand properties. And then all of a sudden I get this this feeling in my stomach. You know, that guy like I wasn’t you know, I was I wasn’t sick, but I was getting sick, you know? And I kept on ignoring that feeling. You know, my gut feeling was like, something’s not right. But you. 

Josh Yeah, I’ve had it, man. I know what you feel, brother. Like I’ve been through it. It’s like something I don’t care much money I’m making. Something’s off here. But you’d maybe not get along with my wife the way I should. Maybe just a little bit too hot tempered. A lot of it. Ego like it’s ego just filling you up and you’re like. But it’s. And it starts to take you off the path, man, because you’ve got your cut your confidence, like you said, is is in kind of being onstage or being important or having money. It’s not grounded like it’s supposed to be. 

Raul: So it’s a. One of these I realized that that feeling was the fear of going backwards. 

Raul: You’re like, shit. Now I’m finally seeing the light. I am living on the past. I am not playing this game to win anymore. I’m playing the game just so I don’t lose again. And then I started drinking as I drink it every single day because I’ve wanted to push that pain away and the pain came back even harder. I thought I had cancer. I went to the doctor. They said, Raul, everything is you had. You’re healthy. But I kept on drinking. I drink every single night. It came to the point I was drinking half a bottle of tequila and I was I was doing it for about six months to eight months. And then a breaking point came when my son at that point, he was five years old. He wakes up and he looks at me and I’m waking up hangover. And I looked at him and then he starts to ask my my wife, is everything okay with Dad? And those words just I didn’t want my son to think that that this is normal. They want my son in the heart. This is what a man does. So that’s when I went to a charity man. I had to figure my shit out. 

Raul: So I when I went as far as go into India to study, it was some monks I studied with most for two, three, three weeks. They put me in some meditation chambers and they meditate in my life. I thought it was all bullshit. But at the end of this journey, I spent about a year finding myself and trying to find, again, certainty. And I realized that. And I’ve been I’ve been operating out of fear more so this time. Guys like you and I were so good at masking fear. We call it stress, but we mask a lot of it because I was becoming a set when I called a sedated warrior, I was entering into a tunnel. Now, a lot of the guys will listen to will understand this, because back in the days when you wanted to be the leader of a tribe or you had to do is prove to the tribe that you could lead, meaning goal, go kill the wolf and come back. And if you kill the wolf that you’re worthy of leading. Right. Nowadays, when a leader we need to do is become the owner of the company. Right. And intrapreneur or a CEO, we’d have to prove that we could be a leader. 

Raul: That tunnel is when God and the universe are guiding men to become leaders. So I believe that midlife crisis. And what we call it love crises is really the rite of passage. Now, as a man, I’m going to the rite of passage. Now I stop sedating, but the pain didn’t stop. Josh, the pain actually got bigger. It didn’t stop until I start asking myself, what is this pain trying to teach me? And that was the battle that I had. Every morning I take myself through a ritual to face my deepest fears and phase mine secure as I face everything that I my mind Google wrong. And then from there, I turned that fear into fucking fuel. I know I up for the past 10 years, man, and every single, you know, that’s saved my life because, you know, I started getting depressed, started getting going going through the dark path. But then working on myself, it doesn’t happen overnight. This is a daily process, especially as a you and I. We have a lot of scars on battles, you know, from from past battles. What we do is we put armor on, wouldn’t let anybody in. And we just we just look good. I mean, everything is fine. But every single day, what I did is I started taking off the armor and healing and healing and healing to the point that there’s no going back now. My wife and I got Covid. That’s that’s when the true test of the work that I’m doing was expose. Because, Josh, my biggest fear was my wife and my kids getting sick. Now, imagine this. I’m in my house. I’m in quarantine. And my fear is that I give my kids Covid, that I give my my wife was sick with Covid. 

Josh: Especially back then when nobody really knew what the outcomes were. It’s not like it’s been six months now. And you kind of a better idea of what it could be back then. It was real scary stuff, man. 

Raul: I know the news right there in New York. I mean, Connecticut from New York. Was all this people in that bed. So, you know, the hospitals filled in. So you can imagine what was going through my mind. And then at that moment is when God said, why do you want to live? Why do you want to go to this level? What do you want to continue to lead? And that’s that’s what we’re working ever since then is really sharpening, sharpening my skills on seeing how important the emotional fitness, because is this what it is? Emotional fitness. You have to be emotionally fit to weather the storms. I wasn’t emotionally fit back in 2008. That’s where I lost millions of dollars. I believe too much of my own shit now. Emotional fitness is key to be a leader. 

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Josh: So, Raul, when you say you like that comment you just made, it resonates with me so much like you like believing in your own shit, right? That’s. It’s a way for you to say my ego, because I’ve watched your stuff. I was prepared for this interview. So jazz to have you on. And I kept thinking about ego versus impact. And ego is somebody who leads for me. Like, what’s in it for me? Like, look at me. Look at me on this podcast. Look at me on the stage. Look who I know. Look how much money I have. And the way to create that certainty and what I took away from some of your videos. I just want to. I want to hear this directly from you. It is exactly how it works. It sounded like your shift went to impact. How could I impact other people? How could I help other people? What kind of impact could I have on others to make a lift and lead them? Not bit, you know, not for your own benefit, but for theirs. And then it’s felt like that certainty in your life came right behind impact, like they’re so connected. So help me understand how that worked for you. 

Raul: The first step is you have to start healing yourself. You have to understand that the first process to help somebody else is to really start helping yourself, which is the pattern that I saw. I was a savior. I was becoming a savior. And that’s the ego speaking, right? I got I’m the guy I want to save you, Josh. I’m going to help you with money. I want to help this. So I had a bunch of employees in my company. And the reason I went under, too, is because I started, you know, paint rivalry thing and making sure they were taken care of without realizing that I’m hurting them instead of helping them and leading them. My answer to that was how much more do you need costs? So that was my go to place. Like let me pay for my pain to go away. Right. So now the moment I took ownership, I said, OK, now I’m obviously not in the best place. I’m obviously there’s some pain. There’s some shit that I have to deal with now as a man and I have to find out what it was. It’s a lot of things that I found for me was my back story. Know, when I came to this country as an immigrant, my parents left me when I was eight years old in Ecuador. So I had no idea of the of the thought process that I felt of the abandonment feeling that I had. And that’s when we look at this, the abandonment emotions that I had. And I told myself a story. I want to make so much money that nobody’s ever gonna leave me again. Right. And look, there’s now a built an empire that I’ve made so much money and then the market crashed automatically goes back to the little boy that was abandoned back in Ecuador. And that’s what we do when we have men replaying the stories when we were little boys. And if we don’t make a link, if you don’t make that connection, what’s the story that you’re telling you? Someone’s a little boy now. You’ll be playing right now as a grown ass man. You’re never going to be able to bring healing. So that’s the first step is finding out what’s the path, what’s the healing that needs to happen for you to let go? Let go. The stories, your parents as well as ghost stories of people who hurt you. You let go of all this shit in the past. Right. And the second step is now obviously you have a pain. 

Raul: Is your pain right now only going to impact you? How can you use your pain to create an impact for others? So I had no idea that my story was an impact people got at that point. I’m just trying to figure out how to stop drinking. How to stop this pain from going. How to keep my shit together. Right now, you fast forward six years since that experience. And I talk to men every single day. I’m like man and resonate with the message so much because nobody’s talking about this. I don’t know if you watch my video, Josh and I have to send you a video. I recorded this video about three and a half, almost four years ago when I started the programs. And I and I said to my to my crew, I said, I want to recreate what I was feeling that day and worse feeling that I had when I had to shut down my office, when I had lost everything when to recreate that. So what happened? We actually were moving to another office and the movers actually had trashed my previous office because it with papers all over the place. So it’s a perfect way to recreate this right now. But our video crew, we went to the office and I said something’s missing. So you know what? Go get me a bottle of tequila. So, oh, here we go. And then I’m recording. I’m telling the story of what I felt like. And most wars moments are going to start point shots and drinking the shots and telling the story as I’m drinking. I mean, as you what you see. 

Raul: You think I mean, I’m either a great actor or really went through some shit and then got it was a one time tape because I there right at the whole different movie. I got to drinking that because it was with tequila wasn’t a water. And then it dawned on me it’s actually the pool water is filled drink right. 

Josh: Or water it down a little bit or something like that. Makes you can record that video a little longer. But I cut a little short after too many shots. 

Raul: But now a video has impact. That video has over over a million views and has impacted thousands of one hundred thousands men because when they see it, they can relate to the realness. Because we live like that, I had to truly, like, show you the pain that I’ve been through so we can actually see, OK, what can we do not just to help you, but now you help somebody else. 

Josh: Yes. You’re pulling back. So recognizing the pain that we’ve been through could be. Bankruptcy, divorce, being left behind, not wanted by somebody could be your financial loss. Relationship loss. All those things that we carry forward that we’re running away from. And, you know, many men find weird ways, man, find motivation, right. It could be a girl from high school. And all of a sudden we want to be rich and drive a Lamborghini because the girl that we know from where we were 17 years old. So through your program and again through through this event that you’re putting on here, very soon, you’re gonna step us through that. 

Josh: And then once we’re, you know, recognize that, recognize that pain and then work our way through it to the next step, what what’s what will after we see that, if we feel that we recognize the pain, we’re able to say this is what was motivating me. But this is a shallow reason. This is shallow motivation. How do we fill that with real certainty? Real impact to give us that next that fuel for the rest of our lives? Because once you go through this experience and I can’t wait to go through it with you. When you go through that experience, that hole has to be filled some other way. 

Raul: And I’ll put it in real sad terms. You know, we need to rebuild that foundation because what happens is that we don’t have the right foundation. We just bought the spec home a Lovegood and we actually didn’t want to build a foundation. So when a storm comes because we have a solid foundation. This back home. Just just blows up the water. And now what I do my programs is I really take man through. OK, let’s get rid of all this shit that you think is Reno unnice. Look at that foundation. And now from the foundation. And this would be all. So now we have a plan. And now the beautiful thing about the judges that you get to experience every single day. The next step or the foundation, because it’s not coming from you, is coming from a higher version of you. And that’s what the growth happens. Because if you think right now, if I take you back and I take you back 10 years, Judge, or you were back, you know, in 2010, probably wouldn’t even believe they could accomplish would accomplish in 10 years. Right. That’s right. Because we underestimate we could do in 10 years. In a decade. Same thing. We underestimate the power that we have. So we only thinking we would think is small, we think is short term. I had a commissaire with a guy who is worth about a billion dollars in real estate and he was right to kill himself. And I get those calls like, hey, Raul, more X amount of money, but, you know, I’m done. And the reason that he bills so much of a massive empire is because he never felt that he was enough. And that’s the gift and the curse. 

Raul: If you have this feeling of not being enough, you. And if you don’t, you’re not making enough money is because you’re using that as a curse. But it could be a gift if you actually become aware of it. I don’t think we all don’t have enough. I don’t feel I have enough. I don’t feel I have enough. That’s a natural feeling. By become aware of that feeling and then use it. I said, well, you know what? Maybe right now I’m not enough for for what I want to do. But what can I do to get closer to ultimate image? What kind of today to go just one step closer, a little below the camp on effects, just like building a house. Maybe you don’t have enough right now. You only have enough for a down payment. What can you do to save for the next step? You don’t build. People want to build what you have build overnight. And that doesn’t happen. It takes decades. And that’s what I understand. If you want to become a leader, you have to be willing to build a foundation and go to the journey. And decades of the company facts faction of the beautiful thing about this is that the growth is exponential, is not linear. I could do now more in one week. Josh, I used to able to do in a month because it’s not linear. Look, I’m doing a podcast right now and later on I’m going to do a zoo meeting with Gary V and then it this morning, a mastermind called. So and I look at my calendar like, fuck, how am I able to accomplish all these things now? Before I used to, like, I have not have enough time, you know, so. So when you start looking at growth is not linear, is exponential. Your mindset has to be expanded. Same thing with compounding interest component in real estate. You can nothing. I want to buy a dollar and save a dollar. No. How could you come? I made that dollar be worth ten dollars. That’s the mindset of you understand. I’m throwing some will turns because I want your audience on the stand at the same way that you approach real estate. You have to approach the biggest risk that you have, which is your mindset, and you have to really help your mindset grow the same way that you want your portfolio to grow. 

Josh: Yeah, Raul. So let’s take this one step further. So understanding your fears, getting real certain about the things that you want are gonna happen, right? Building that foundation, a real foundation, not a foundation based on ego, not a foundation based on just money or some relationship or some sort of fake motivation. Once you go start to go through your program and you really feel like you have this solid foundation, you know who you are, what you’re supposed to be and what that future use gonna look like. It takes energy bright. It takes energy. And some of the guys that listen, this podcast aregonna be like, hey, man, I’m a 55 year old guy. I’m a little bit overweight. I don’t feel like I you know, many times I hear people rala drives me. Nuts guys are like, you know, it would be great to be young again. I wish I had the energy you had. Like, I get so sick of hearing that B.S. from people because energy can’t be manufactured at will. I believe it. I know you believe it. So how do you help people create that energy? Because now you have the foundation. You know why you want to do what you want to do. But he said, like you said, it takes sometimes takes decades, right. To have that long term approach. Some days you just don’t want to do it or don’t feel like you’re up for it. But generating energy, positive energy, energy and your body energy, your mind is a huge part of this long term success game plan, man. So tell us about energy. How do we manufacturer what does that mean to you and your program? 

Raul: So I want to recommend a good book that I suggest you guys read is called Stealing Fire. They have been after this concept of fire ever since we were we were cavemen. Right. Stealing fires still under fire from the gods. Right. So I believe everything is energy, muñiz, energy, sexers, energy, weapons, energy, three other kinds. Everything is energy. What’s the biggest vessel that you have? What’s the biggest tool that you have is your body. Your body is due at your antenna. Your body is the vessel. So if right now you may have enough energy to create what you have in your business. What if you increase your level of energy to actually take in the things that you are challenging you and increases your energy? So I look at protecting my energy. Whatever doesn’t feel like is in alignment with my energy. I don’t do. I’m constantly protecting my gym business deals, cut conversations even. Now bring your vibration lower. You know, again, everything is energy. So if you’re if you’re not an antenna, you want to like all this things that are happening to you that are gonna increase your capacity. So what I tell men who think, well, it be good to be young again. I always tell them, like, what’s stopping you from rationally increasing your energy level right now? Doesn’t mean that it is your health. Well, most of them is like the idea, again, of living in the past. The idea of I don’t have enough. I truly believe that right now view is new 60s. You could be way ahead of the game or disguise. This way. These guys in the 20s or 30s, I respect all those guys hostile. I respect you know, I love millennials. Most of the guys work for millennials. 

Raul: But the one thing that they haven’t gone through that you and I have gone through is the hard times. You know what it’s like. We’ve gone through a lot of hard times. If you abuse 60, you’ve gone through a lot of shit. These millennials, the moment they show has the fan, they’re going to crumble. We have the 42 right now to be able to take on some of these things. And mostly when I want to take on the most exciting things that happen to me, conversations with my son the day that I had was tell them, you know, how we came to this country. We’re living in one bedroom apartment with like five families. And he told me that, you know, the economy right now doesn’t seem like it’s doing so good. You know, what will have was the worst, as Mario said, was there is a we all go back to the one bedroom. What, all five families. My brother. My mom. Come back. So we’ll have a sleepover every single night. We’re fine. Let’s do it. Rahad was like, Hey, Dad, I’ll be fine. We’ll go. You know, we can all do that, you know, because he’s Latino. He doesn’t see it as negative. So it’s just bring him back to what brings you energy. Don’t be afraid to fail. 

Raul: Don’t be afraid to fuck out man. Right now, we live in the most uncertain times at the same time. The most exciting times because you know that 80 percent of the competition out there have now been preparing for this. Yeah. Like I’ve been doing push ups, man. I’ve been doing burps for the last five years. Get ready for this storm that’s coming. 

Are you ready to automate and explode your real estate investing? We’re searching for extremely motivated individuals who are sick and tired of wasting time and want to finally see real results from their real estate investing business. We’re searching for investors, looking to get to the next level and become a bigger, better version of themselves while being a more successful real estate investing entrepreneur. Apply for mentoring and coaching at Josh Cantwell Coaching dot com forward slash podcast. That’s Josh Cantwell coaching dot com forward slash podcast. 

Josh: Well, the thing about it, too, like you’re talking about that I appreciate so much, is this this final concept of clarity, right? Because I think a lot of people that don’t have energy like you just talked about, it’s because, like you said, they’re doing things that steal their time doing things, conversations that they don’t appreciate or they don’t have time for. They’re talking to people. They’re associating with things. My dad was on the board of my old high school private Catholic high school. My dad said after I graduate, ought to be on the board. I want to help out. He said after a year, it was like a leech because every time he went to a meeting, he got nothing out of it. He would feel like more depressed and like want to just go home. Total waste, the time for two hours talking about what they were going to do with the high school. Didn’t get anything out of it. My dad was my first entrepreneurial mentor. He said, Josh, I just quit. I just got rid of it. And because he had that clarity to know, like, what did he want to do with his life? What was giving him energy? And I’m going through that a little bit right now. Right. Well, you know, I was I used to be primarily a residential real estate investor, did hundreds of deals, thousands of deals, wholesale rehab, private lending. 

Josh: And now we got this big, massive portfolio of apartments, almost 3000 units. We managed tens of millions of dollars. But it’s a it’s a little bit of a pivot. And I’m a little bit confused in my mind sometimes thinking back to my residential roots and all the money and then all my a lot of my students that are in residential. But I have a passion man for commercial. I’ve had this huge passion for four apartments. And when I talk about apartments, when I think about apartments, when I raise capital for apartments, it just is it fills me up because I’m thinking about how I can take care of my mom and my wife and my kids and create an income in perpetuity. But at the same time, I have this foundation back here and I’m you know, it’s a little bit of a mind f you know, on a daily basis, like, do I just go all in over here with what I’m really passionate for, you know, that full, complete clarity. So I’m kind of asking this question selfishly for myself. I hope my audience gets a lot out of it. But there’s a lot of guys like me out there. What would you say to someone who’s going through something like that? 

Raul: So let me tell you something. I had a chemistry with a guy that knows me for the past 10 years. Yesterday, he was looking for a trainer. He is about a thousand salespeople, his organization. And he was Googling, you know, such training or motivational training. He found my ad. It was like, oh, shit, another guy. And he started digging into my videos. And he’s like, oh, man, I got a call. And so, yeah, my cell phone number, he called his role. I need to talk to you. And I thought, like, you want to get a job. We’ll get on the phone. Is a role at. I leave. Like how certain you are. I can’t believe the videos are you doing. Like what happened to you. Like I know you the past 10 years. The real estate guy. What happened? And when he has been a question where came to me was permission. Permission. I gave myself permission not to focus on the money. When I started this six years ago, Josh, I put a mastermind together and I called the next they were real estate. Right. And I bought a bunch of hedge fund managers, real estate investors. And we all got together in Vegas and we all did the personal development thing. On the first day, I felt like a fraud. I felt like, man, that I’m a maskin. Why I want them to be here. I’m not being real with them, not really. Tell them why I want them to be here. So the next day I came out and just sharing with them my story, telling them why I truly feel cold to go to Mexico and share my story of drinking every single day, my story of going to two to end and all those things. And let me tell you, there was there was a little man, powerful man there. 

Raul: Now, one man did nationality or that moment because it related to what I was going through and the rawness of it. So that moment. So when he came to the role, I know you came here to raise capital with me. I could give you all the money that you need. You’ll never have to raise capital anymore. Like I you know, I have incredible billionaires. You could just tell me how much you need and will Best Buy, you said. But if money is not an issue, what will you do? And that’s the moment I realized I need to put more of us together to talk about this. Because what I didn’t realize then is that a lot of the things that I was maskin was under the money umbrella. I was always measured. Well, what’s going to give me a better return? What’s going to give me more money? So then for the next year, after that conversation, I invested over a half a million dollars trying to figure out my message. It wasn’t that right then they still experience it was rolled piece for you. Experience event. I used to charge people maybe a thousand dollars to go into my program and they just spend four thousand dollars on them, which is food with with where the dinner is and everything. Because I was again, I didn’t have my, my message, my, my platform ready. So I felt like a lease, a way to feel that you got something out of a Josh you feel like you can do the event and you got something about six months, six years ago today we rent that airport hangar, every single attendee flew off an airplane. I came down in a helicopter. It was all again, it was all ego. It was all ego, because I didn’t have the certainty of the value that I had of sharing what I really want to share with the world. 

Josh: That is phenomenal, phenomenal stuff. Listen, you got this this event coming up. I want to make sure tell us about the event. I know we’ve got to wrap up here in a second. It’s the next level experienced guys. You can check it out. We’re going to put the link in the show notes. It’s find my next level, dot com. Raul’s actually giving away complimentary tickets, complimentary attendance to this virtual event that he’s putting together. 

Raul: This is just a small taste of what he’s going to be covering. I hope every single person that listens to this, all of my members attend it. Check it out. I’ll be on all day the whole event going through it myself, because I feel like anytime I can get more clarity, more energy and know exactly where I’m going, that’s going to benefit me. And so I’ll tell us about it. So find my next level dot com and that’s coming up very soon. 

Raul: Yeah. So let me tell you why we just had to do this. Most of my events are really intimate events. You know, we really like get to know the guys and and we don’t have like a thousand thousands of people coming into to an arena. And I did a specific because there is not that many guys like you. And I know I know your audience. And if you’re a type A personality, you don’t need motivation. You don’t need to be hyped up. I mean, I respect all those people who do that. But the other day, this is a deeper, deeper event and we’re going to compound two days worth of work and four hours. So I’m not going to ask it to take two days and a lot of people doing multi day events. And I was telling my guys, I don’t know how people find time for two days. I mean, like I can be glued to toto work to a screen for it for two days. 

Raul: So in four hours, going to compound time and is not going to be an event where you gonna be just watching me is going to be an interactive event. So I’m going to put you into groups where you’re gonna be able to meet other men. The power of theirs is the community. Josh, I’ve built a community of like minded man who build million dollar companies, multiple other companies, hundreds of companies, and their only currency does any value in our community is how real a role can you be? So doesn’t that that’s the connection is guys that come into the program like, fuck man, I, I feel like I, I’m not up to that level. But when you see a guy who’s made one hundred million dollars connecting a level of really being raw and real and having a purpose to go to the next level because there’s a common denominator. Find the edge and go to the next level. That’s it. And it’s not my edge. I wanted you to find you called to the edge, your own edge. To go to the next level. So that’s what we experience on October 10th, 10, 10, 20, 20. When I kick off the first next level leadership summit, virtual experience. And I believe there’s going to be a game changer because it’s for men who don’t want motivation, who want to have a strategy to be around men who actually get the shit that we need to execute. We have the energy, the termination to be guided to execute. 

Josh: Yeah, love it. Raul can’t wait to experience it. Listen, man, this has been such a blast. Just getting to know you a little bit better. Can’t wait for your event. Coming up. October 10th. Ten, ten, twenty, twenty. It’s gonna be fabulous. Guys, check it out. Find my next level dot.com. Raul thank you so much for joining us today on Accelerated Investor. 

Raul: And you know appreciate you, man. Thank you. 

Josh: Hey, guys, I hope you loved that interview with Raul Villacias. I absolutely loved talking to him about the edge, about his hishis process, his program, his system for helping investors and especially male investors get real clarity in their life, real confidence, real foundation. And figure out where we’re going, guys. I’m absolutely gonna be participating in his event again. It’s on 10, 10, 20, 20. Go to find my next level dot com, something that I want to experience to take my life to the next level, to take my investing to the next level, to take my my purpose with my family, my wife, my kids, my investing in kind of refind myself. I we’re able to do that in this interview with Raul. We’re going to do it again at his event. If you’ve enjoyed this interview, please go leave us a rating review. Man, we’re just absolutely killing it lately with having just unbelievable guests on the Accelerated Investor podcast, regardless of whether you take the next step or not. With me, leave us a rating service review. Jump on row. I just want to thank you for spending the time with me. Whether you at the gym, you’re going for a walk, you’re waking up in your car, you’re under way home listening to me. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. And I want you to know that I’m working my ass off for you. I’m working my ass off to help you and your journey to serve you to have an impact on your life. So thanks a lot for joining me today on Accelerated Investor. 

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I am so excited to introduce you to Raul Villacis today, and I have to admit that I asked him to come on for purely selfish reasons. Raul has sold over $100 million dollars in real estate, but that’s not his super power. He helps men get absolute clarity about who they are and where they want to go, and I reached out to him because I found his message so inspiring as I transition from single residential units into commercial real estate.

There is no way around it; right now a lot of us are going through chaos. But within chaos lies opportunity. For those of you looking to transform your life, you need to sort through confidence and certainty, and reground yourself in true certainty.

Raul opens up about his path into coaching. He recognized within himself that he was masking a lot of his emotions and pain with bottles of tequila, and he knew that he couldn’t be the best father if he continued on that path. He sees a lot of men going through life as “sedated warriors”, who are using drugs and alcohol to mask their pain, and he wants to help them turn into the leaders they want to be.

Finding your next level is all about going to the edge of your life and taking the next step. 80% of your competition has not been preparing for this storm, but you can. Raul is holding a one day virtual event on Oct. 10th, 2020 where men can network, connect, and take the step to the next level. I’ll be there. Will you? 

What’s Inside:

  • What if you start thinking about a crisis as a rite of passage?
  • How to find clarity in the middle of chaos.
  • The three things a leader must do to move from ego to impact.

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