#084: Becoming a Conscious Millionaire: How to Make a HUGE Impact on Your Business

Welcome to The Accelerated Investor Podcast with Josh Cantwell, if you love entrepreneurship and investing in real estate then you are in the right place. Josh is the CEO of Freeland Ventures Real Estate Private Equity and has personally invested in well over 500 properties all across the country. He’s also made hundreds of private lender loans and owns over 1,000 units of apartments. Josh is an expert at raising private money for deals and he prides himself on never having had a boss in his entire adult life. Josh and his team also mentor investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. He doesn’t dream about doing deals, he actually does them and so do his listeners and students. Now sit back, listen, learn, and accelerate your business, your life, and your investing with The Accelerated Investor Podcast.

Josh: Hey, this is Josh Cantwell and welcome back to Accelerated Investor. I’m so excited that you would join me today. No matter where you are in the world, spending time at the gym, on the beach, in your car, leveling up your life as an entrepreneur, as a real estate professional, just building a bigger business with more purpose. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful that you could join me today. Today I am really excited to introduce to you my guest. His name is JV Crum III and he and I have a relatively new relationship. We were introduced by a mutual friend, but JV runs one of the world’s most amazing and most well respected podcasts called The Conscious Millionaire podcast and radio network.

Josh: Listen to this guy. He’s got over 12 million listeners. He’s done over 2000 episodes and has been heard in over 190 countries and I love his thing. He’s a bestselling author, speaker, success coach, entrepreneurial coach, and I’m so excited to have a conversation with him today about how we can have a little bit more conscious impact about our businesses. Instead of just saying, I want to build a big business to make a bazillion dollars, I want to have a big business so I can have a big house and a big car. What are you really building your business for? And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. JV Crum III, welcome to Accelerated Investor, how are you today?

JV: Yeah, I am incredibly happy to be here, Josh, and just a huge hello to everybody who’s listening. I know if you’re listening to the Accelerated Investor with Josh, I know first of all, you are on a success route. Those are the people that I love to talk to, people who want him build highly profitable businesses and also make a positive impact an impact to their clients an impact to their team an impact to the world. And that there’s a transformation that happens that goes beyond money. And here’s the fun part is that I’ve discovered you actually can make more money by taking this impactful approach because the truth is what do people buy from you? They buy an impact. That’s the only thing they’re going to buy. And when you’re on fire about an impact you want to make, which let’s just look at it if it starts from inside of you, and that’s where I work with my clients, I help them find what’s that internal sense of purpose, that internal sense of calling, that internal difference that you want to make?

JV: Well, it’s just a different place to start the business model. When I got my MBA, they taught us the traditional model. You go out, you analyze the market, and then you find some gap. We call it a want, a need, you know, depending on what word you want to use, and then we’re going to find a solution for that and we’re going to sell that to a particular marketing niche. You’re going to do all of that, but there’s one additional piece that’s going to make all the difference. Rather than starting with the problem you’re going to start with the solution and that solution, my friend is you. And by starting with that solution that you’re on the planet to do, it’s a difference that you, you get up in the morning and you are so excited to make this difference. You’re so excited that people out there have problems, that there’s a problem you can solve, that you’re going to get totally all in 100% give yourself into it.

JV: So you simply start with the solution and here’s the difference Josh. Then you go out and you go, okay, what’s a problem if I go, you could start with a solution. There can be a hundred niches you could be working with and obviously you don’t want to work with a hundred niches, but what I’m telling you is there’s so many different options for you and here’s what I’d say. Go out review two or three niches that seem interesting to you and ask yourself this question. The way the problem to which I have a solution shows up, excites me. The people who have this problem, excite me. And if they don’t stop there, because you’re never going to be totally fulfilled, you’re never going to be totally happy, you’re never going to have deep joy, and there’s going to be a part of you that’s never going to form at that peak level.

JV: And if they do have that, then you need to know what your financial numbers are. You know, I’m trained as a tax attorney, I’m a total numbers geek. You know, I look at business from a numbers perspective. You’ve got to know your numbers and you’ve got to know where do you want to be in three years, where do you want to be in five years? Ideally you could find a niche that you can take them on a ride, that you become the expert and you never have to change niches. So now you have to ask, do they want their problem solved? Because we all know people who just complain, but they don’t really want the problem solved. You don’t want to work with them.

JV: The third thing is do they have or do they have access to cash and Josh, that’s where you’re an expert because someone may not have cash, but you may be able to help them get access to it so that they can, for instance, invest in your real estate. So when you start on the interior rather than the exterior, you end up having a difference you want to make and that’s what drives you everyday is making that difference and turning it in to as much riches as you possibly can, but you’re doing it starting with the impact, turning it into the money.

Josh: I love the fact JV that you started with that, what excites me, right? When I think about my real estate investing, it’s not necessarily the apartment, the physical structure or the single-family residence that we’re lending on. What excites me, right? And man, it just gets me excited to actually for you to bring that up. What excites me is actually the private investor who invested their capital with me. How can I take those dollars and responsibly invest them in a deal, have them be a private lender, have them be an equity investor, and think about it, excites me to turn around and have an impact on that private lender and impact on that private investor and how they can have more retirement income. They can get better returns in the stock market. That’s what gets me geeked up, not the physical structure of real estate or even what it can do for me and my family. So let me ask you, JV, where did this really begin? You became a millionaire at age 25 and I’m curious, when did you, you know, have this consciousness about your path?

JV: Yes, that is a fantastic question. I’m pleased to tell you, it only took me three months. At 25 I ended up on the water in a four story home Mercedes in the garage when frankly that was like having a Bentley because it’s only recently that they’re everywhere, right? And about three months in, I’m in my living room, you know, it’s all glass at one end looking out on the bay, it’s a sunshiny day. There’s palm trees in the front lawn that are, you know, in the breeze, there sailboats and something, you know, every once in a while in life we have this, whether it’s a tap on the shoulder or whatever it is, something hit me and I melted down in no more than 60 seconds. I looked out and, and here I had this dream since I was five.

JV: I grew up in a poor family. We didn’t have anything living in this little village of two or 300 people where nobody had any money at age five, because I’ve been trained to go to the grocery store and not ask for the candy bar because we literally didn’t have the money. And so, you know, as a little kid, it’s funny, my resolution to become a millionaire was really over solving the problem of how to get the candy bar. And I said to, there’s got to be a solution to this and that it hit me. I know I’ll grow up and be a millionaire, right? So from that moment forward, I was on a drive to become, I never doubted it was going to happen. You know, my parents were not on board. The people in the community were not on board. I didn’t care. You know, because I was going to go live this life that I wanted, that I was watching on television.

JV: And going those people have nicer homes and nicer cars than we do. So I got there and then I realized that I’d only created part of a vision of having money and there’s nice lifestyle, right? But I hadn’t created a vision that had any meaning to it, had any purpose to it, had any deep joy to it. I just wanted to get out of the situation I was in. And I’m glad that it only took three months. It’s like go, I had just enough money to realize that the money surprisingly was not the answer. And I’m looking out at these sailboats and I said to myself, wow, and I can remember doing this. And every time I share this I’m back in that living room, looking out at the bay, something’s wrong with this picture. And from there I unraveled and I literally said to myself, I don’t even like myself. And I’m horrible at relationships, which was true.

JV: And if you think back when you were in your twenties you know, unless you just came out of the most functional background in the world, typically you’re still don’t like yourself that much. And typically you’re, you’re having kind of a mess in your relationships. You haven’t figured out how to do that yet, right. And I knew that I didn’t want to give the money back that this was better, but I knew that something was missing. And I went off on a rather extended, you know, going to Tony Robbins going to Wayne Dyer, you know, reading all the personal development books, going to sweat lodges, going to spiritual retreats. I was on a journey to find out what was missing. And ultimately I found what it was. I said, what you’re doing, you’ve learned the mechanics of making money, but there’s no purpose to this.

JV: You don’t feel when you wake up every morning that you’re doing anything that actually matters in the world. And that led to me ultimately selling the companies and going off on a personal development junket. I went and lived at a Buddhist monastery to learn to meditate and to have a more deeper spiritual connection. I went to Esalen on Big Sur Coast, the Esalen Institute where human potential, really movement, really began in the 60s. Fritz Perls with gestalt psychology lived there. I’d had a masters in clinical psych, so I was interested in all that. And then as I jokingly say, I went and lived in Boulder, Colorado, which is kind of like a big Buddhist personal development, you know, kind of place has a Buddhist university and I would go out and camp for two and three weeks at a time. And I would ask, why am I on this planet?

JV: I’ve got all these talents. I’ve got, you know, a master’s in clinical psych, got all this NOP, you know, tax attorney, an MBA, you know, I’ve built and sold companies, but why am I here? And that took me to skiing for the winter in Lake Tahoe. And one weekend I went over to San Francisco about a three and a half drive on a freeway and I looked down and I was walking around and I saw this rack with these big thick brochures for something called The Green Festival, which I didn’t know anything about sustainability back then. Now it happens to be, you know, one of my passions and purposes on this planet.

JV: And I brought it back and I’d rented this nice place with a fireplace and a jacuzzi and I got into jacuzzi and I’m looking down and I’d been thinking, you know, I’d really like to create a millionaire program, but I don’t want to do anything like this rapid stuff that’s going around where people are selling the instant knowing air in the box and the only person being a millionaire was the person selling it, right? And nobody ever used it. And I saw the word conscious and right in my forehead, which I, you know, we all have our intuition in different ways. Mine’s very visual, so I tend to actually see stock numbers, you know, things, whole sentences in my forehead. I saw the phrase conscious millionaire got a tingling in my spine and I said to myself, that’s it.

JV: And I stayed in New Jersey for another 40 minutes because I know how the universe works. I said, if this is it ConsciousMillionaire.com is just waiting for me, which it was. And being a good attorney I filed my trademarks fairly quickly and that night I said to myself, now this kind of comes from a more spiritual place. I said, you know, I, but I had been searching for my purpose for two to three years because I realized that was the missing piece, right? Why am I on this planet? And I said, this is my assignment and I’m really excited about it because I didn’t know what Conscious Millionaire was going to become, but you have to say Conscious Millionaire was a cool phrase. I said, isn’t this cool that I’m going to do something called Conscious Millionaire even though I don’t know what it is, you know?

JV: And I created a first audio program, which was really my attempt to figure out what is this thing called Conscious Millionaire on who is it for? So that’s really how I got on my journey and it’s what I help all of my, all of my private clients and a lot of groups that I do, we end up talking about purpose and how does, what is purpose. I help people go through a process of discovering their, you know, a sense of purpose. And I just want to tell you for listening, we’re going to be giving you my book Conscious Millionaire, Grow Your Business by Making a Difference. So because I’m going to give it to you, I’m going to violate one of the rules of interviews and just reference a chapter in it because you don’t have to go buy it. And that chapter four, finding your true north. So would it be interesting, Josh, for me to go over the three step formula for finding purpose or where would you like to go?

Josh: That’s exactly right JV what I was going to actually ask you about, because there’s so many people who think I want a bigger life. I want more primarily more security, more freedom, which comes with money. It comes with a bigger business or a bigger income. But we, you and I both have seen so many entrepreneurs and business owners and high level performers that reach bigger incomes but are still broke because they have broken relationships. They have broken bank accounts because they’re living right up to their means and they…

JV: The have a broken life.

Josh: A broken life. Like you said, like I’m staring out here at this beautiful bay through this glass windows, but this doesn’t feel full. This doesn’t feel like everything. And I’ve been through that in my own life when I was flipping a bunch of deals in the past and like making a big income like this, this doesn’t feel great to me. Like what? There’s got to be something else. And so no matter what your purpose is, if it happens to be in real estate, you’re listening to this podcast, you’re probably thinking, well, I just want to make a lot of money. But that approach has been basically proven. JV, I’m sure you’ll talk about it.

Josh: The approach of I just want to make a lot of money ultimately leads to probably not as much success, not as much meaningful success or impact and certainly not sustainable, right? That’s the word that sticks out to me is if I’m just doing it for the money, eventually you get the money. You’re like, well is this all there is? So it’s not sustainable. So take us through the process of how do we have more purpose, how do we discover our true north and then incorporate that into our daily activities, our relationships, our business or entrepreneurship?

JV: Well, first of all, I want you to know if you’re listening, I am not one of those people that likes to get lost in the fluff. So I definitely have a spiritual approach to life, that spiritual approaches is that I’m connecting to something bigger than me. I don’t really care what you call it. I care about people having the experience of being part of something that’s bigger than them and feeling like we’re here as part of a mosaic and that we’re contributing to make some kind of difference through our lives. And I think I came to that Josh, because both of my parents, even though we didn’t have any money, my parents were tremendous models of making a difference. And our family was all focused on, and my parents would tell me, even three, four or five years of age, you’re here and the world should be better off because you were on this planet.

Josh: Don’t just take, give. Don’t just take, give, don’t just take, have impact. Don’t just take, be conscious. Be purposeful about what you’re doing. And again, JV’s going to talk, talk us through this, but you can get his book for free. He’s so gracious to give it away to our audience at ConsciousMillionaire.com/FreeBook, so we’ll put that in the show notes. We’ll make sure we get it out to all of our audience Conscious Millionaire.com/Freebook. Again, right now we’re going to talk a little bit about chapter four finding your true North. So you said there were three steps. JV, let’s jump into that because I’m sure I’m geeked up and I want to do this in my own life.

JV: So the first one is let’s talk about passion now. This is the passion of whether you like vanilla or chocolate and ice cream. This is passion that goes deeper and I’ve discovered, you know, it took me a long time to find mine, but then by working with all these clients, I hacked it. I love hacking stuff. Like how can I take a long process and make it short? So let’s make it short. The first thing is passion and they’re really three pieces to this. One of them is really about flow. It’s an activity, an activity that you’re doing, and when you do it, you think it was a half hour and it’s four hours, and you have that experience over and over again and that’s great. Unless you told your partner you’re going to meet him in a half hour, in which case you might want to set an alarm, right? So you get totally immersed with this activity that you’re doing and feels like you’re one with it.

JV: The second one is you’ve probably had people tell you after you’ve done this activity, wow, you look different, and guess what? You do look different because your blood is flowing differently. Your facial muscles are different, right? And there’s kind of, this is excited energy that flows out of you that people can literally feel. And here’s the fun part. The third part is you’ve probably done this for free to help other people. And it might not just be your own friends. You’re probably so on fire about it that you actually go around helping people for free. You don’t even know, right.

Josh: Right. People even offer to pay you and you won’t take it. Or you’d be like, no, it’s okay. I’ll do it for free. Don’t worry about it.

JV: Yep. So that’s your passion piece. The second part is the core part of purpose. And I think I read a lot of books on purpose and they’d say these things like when you find your purpose, you’ll know it. Well, I found that completely and absolutely unuseful. Because I figured that, how did I find it? Here’s how I want you to imagine purpose. And you’ll remember this for the rest of your life. Think of purpose as a gold coin. And on one side of the coin is the word purpose. On the other side is the secret for how you can discover it. And that secret is what is the difference you want to make.

JV: Because purpose is always about difference. And it’s always about difference that you make for someone or something other than yourself. And when you discover that, and it’s very simple, actually, I want you to journal out some ideas. What’s the difference I’d like to make? And you’ll come up with several ideas and then ask yourself, well, who would I, who would I like to make this for? Or what would I like to make it? Maybe it’s the planet, maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s animals. Maybe it’s a certain kind of group or a certain niche and the kind of people that are in that niche.

Josh: Yeah, and this can’t be fake JV. This can’t be fake because I see people going through like I want to, I want to help these people with their real estate properties. I want to help these motivated sellers get out of a bad situation. But really all they want to do is make money, right? This is really a true, true things. So what you’re talking about is the difference that you really want to make on other people. Again, regardless of whether you make money or not, regardless of whether you grow a business or not, this is really the way that you find your true north is by saying I, this is the difference I want to make. Even if I don’t make a nickel or even if I don’t get paid, this helps me feel good. It’s going to give me energy.

JV: And it’s beyond feel good. I’m glad you brought that up. There’s a specific feeling you get even thinking about making this difference and that feeling is joy. I’ve identified joy as probably other than love. It’s probably the deepest feeling as human beings we’re capable of having and when a difference just thinking, Oh, I’m going to make this difference for these people feels joyful inside. You’re on the right track. Now here’s the third part, and I knew that this is something you specialize in. It’s something really important for you. Well, I’m all about action, so knowing what you’re passionate about and how that connects to a purpose, a difference you want to make isn’t going to actually make any difference in the world until you take some action, but there’s a particular kind of action you need to take. You need to discover what is that one?

JV: I think for people it can be one, two, or three. That’s what I found. What are one, two or three things that you really are great at? You know this is natural. You might have a college degree in it, but before you went to college, you probably could have taught the college courses. Because you just wake up in the morning and you know how to do this right? That’s going to be how you take this in and build a business. You’re going to take that sense of difference. You want to make something that you’re passionate about, but you’re going to utilize, a specific skill that you have and you’re going to bring that into your business and that’s what’s going to be unique. Now, here’s a bonus point. Who should you be partnering with to do your joint ventures? It’s really easy. People who have a similar purpose, a difference they want to make, but they have a different skill than you have.

JV: Now you compliment each other, but you’re going for the same market for the same reason. You’re both on fire. So when I partner with people, the first thing I look at is what are their values? Do they really want to make a positive impact for entrepreneurs? Because that’s my target market. I don’t work with anybody but entrepreneurs. Now, entrepreneurship can show up many ways. People in real estate can be entrepreneurs or they can just be people who are buying homes, but an entrepreneur wants to grow something. They have a vision of doing something bigger. They love the mechanics of business it’s exciting to them. But you want to partner with people who love that same market, want to make a difference with them, but what they do is really different from you because their core skill is different than your core skill. Now, if you just take that as a basis for building your business, I’m going to guarantee you one, you will make more money doing it that way.

JV: And talking about what I talked about the beginning of the show, how are you going to find that niche, right? And you’re going to be more fulfilled because here’s what I found. I love numbers and I love putting money in the bank. It’s called Conscious Millionaires as I say it’s not conscious socialism, it’s not conscious poverty. I like, I like money and the things it can buy, unabashedly. I think that’s fine because that’s called living in abundance, but if you’re only doing it for the money, you and I know this is a roller coaster show that we’re on right? Sometimes we’re doing well and sometimes everything, you know, crashes and burns and I’ve been in those situations more than one time. You know? I know what the mountain feels like, I know what the Valley feels like and I know that it’s not going to be straight line in the future because it wasn’t a straight line in the past.

JV: It’s just not the way this game works. If you get up in the morning and it’s only about the money that you put in the bank, when everything falls into the valley, you’re going to give up. You’re going to be depressed and it’s not going to feel very meaningful and you’re going to lose your direction. But if you get up in the morning and you’re on fire to make this impact and you want to learn how to turn that impact into financial success, what you’re focused on, the impact when you go to the valley, you will, as I put it, wild horses could not stop me from making my impact on entrepreneurs. I don’t care, you know, some months you put a lot of money in the bank, some months you don’t put so much money in the bank. But all that time I’m focused on how do I make an impact on entrepreneurs?

JV: How do I uplift them? How do I transform them? How do I get them to their mountain? Where they too are making money, but they’re making the money connected to making an impact. Because here’s what I will guarantee you as well. All fulfillment you have in life comes from making a difference in other people’s lives. It doesn’t come from selfishness. It doesn’t come from the level of money you have in the bank. It doesn’t come from your net worth. It comes from knowing that what you’re doing with your life actually matters. And that’s why there’s kind of two people who come to me.

JV: There are the people who are in that six, seven figure stage and they want to build their businesses and they like coming in the door called Conscious Millionaire and then there are people who you know have made a lot of money but they miss the meaning part. So you’ve got to have the money and the meaning. If you’re missing the meaning, that’s when you go do the coke. That’s when you buy 12 Lamborghinis because you’re trying to find something external from you. When the truth is all meaning is inside of you and all meaning is from connecting with yourself at a deep level and connecting with something bigger than you that you can actually devote your life to. That really matters, right?

Josh: JV, I love this because you’ve given us a real like process, a real step by step blueprint to actually identify what our true north is, right? This isn’t fluff. This isn’t like, you know, just go and sit and think this was a real process. Step one, passion, right? What’s the flow? What’s the activity? What’s the thing you could do that you would do for like you know, for hours and hours and not feel like it was any work. You’re not tired. It gives you energy. I love it. What makes people say you look different. These are some of the notes that I took, right? You’re free, you do it for others. Then you move to step number two, purpose. What difference do you want to make, right? And I think there’s so many of us who think, well, if I just buy real estate properties with my audience and apartment buildings and self storage buildings and single family homes and I’m not really having an impact, well how can you have an impact?

Josh: And maybe those assets allow you to give of your time, your energy, your talent, your money to some other organization. So that your day job of investing in real estate doesn’t necessarily have to have that impact in the deal, but the deal could result in a certain amount of income, influence, revenue, profit that you could take and then put into that passion. So it’s just the vehicle to get to the passion. It’s the vehicle to give back to kids. It’s the vehicle to give back to homeless people or you know, whoever you’re passionate for, it could be the vehicle that allows you to get there that no other vehicle you’re aware of will allow you to actually take action and have a big of an impact maybe as real estate.

Josh: And finally, I love what you said about action and partnering with people that have the same core values, the same goal. They live the same niche. It gives them joy, but they have a different skillset and JV interested to go one step deeper on that part because so many of us will start a business with a JV partner because we have the same passion for something, but we typically choose to go in business with people who are just like us, right.

JV: And that’s a huge mistake. And it’s a big problem because, I was talking to someone else yesterday and they actually did the opposite, but they didn’t have value congruity. So you’ve got to have two things. You’ve got to, as I say, hire for fit if you’re going to hire employees, but that’s the same thing. If you’re going to have a business partner, you’ve got to start with the same culture in mind, the same values that you share. And in my case, it defines every business relationship and every personal relationship. I have three core values. They been the same for over 30 years. I feel quite certain they’re not going to change. And it’s honesty, integrity, and personal growth. That’s what really fires JV Crum III up. But here’s what I can’t do. I can’t spend a lot of time with people who don’t share those same values, doesn’t work for me.

JV: And I don’t care how much money you tell me, Oh, we could do this and we can, you know, make all this money and I’m going, yeah, but you seem so out of integrity. I don’t really want to hang around with you. So what I also want to comment is, it kind of, it’s going to throw a different angle. You don’t know this even though I’ve just interviewed you for my show is in the last two weeks, I’ve watched Fight Club, one of my favorite movies six times. Now my favorite numbers are three and seven. So I know that in the next couple of days I’m going to watch it for the seventh time. So I’m in a big fight club kind of mood. And here’s how I want to bring Fight Club to this conversation. To me, Fight Club is about deep honesty and integrity.

JV: That’s really what’s going on in Fight Club. It’s really having the guts to look in the mirror and see yourself and own the truth, right? Are you coming from weakness or are you coming from strength? Because every moment you’re coming from one of those, are you playing a game with yourself or are you owning your truth and owning your truth is also about owning your purpose, so I’m going to get a little bit into your face right now and I’m telling you that upfront, you deserve to go to the deepest level you can reach in yourself at every moment, and that really is the magic that’s going to fire you up as an entrepreneur. So if you simply say, Oh, I provided someone a place to live. Yes, that is one level of impact and praise, but I encourage you to not stay at that level because that’s too surface.

JV: And I reason I encourage you to do that isn’t some moral obligation? It’s an obligation to yourself to live 100% in and one of the things that I’m doing right now is I’m fasting once, once a week. Two weeks ago, I fasted one day and then I said, you know, I want to find my edge so I fasted a second day, and then I said, you know, I think I can push this edge out so I fasted the third thing, right, and then of course what happened is that at the end of that week when I was fasting one day, it was like a joke, right? Because I just expanded myself.

JV: That’s what we’re talking about folks, is when you really want to live at your highest level, it’s about not settling for 90% and I’m just going to say most people settle for 90% most of the time. A lot of people settle for 20% or 30% what I want to challenge you today is to ask yourself, if I were living at my highest purpose, making my biggest impact and turning that into the wealth that I want, what would it look like if I played at 100% and I looked in the mirror and said, what’s my real purpose for being on this planet and how do I bring that into my business so that I play bigger and really play the money with meaning game at a whole other level.

Josh: JV that’s incredible. Not only does that allow you to have more energy, more passion, sleep less, get more done, stay up longer because you would do it for free, but now you have real purpose behind your business. The other thing that it just resonated with me as I’m listening to you is don’t the best staff, employees, people that maybe don’t want to be an entrepreneur, but they want to be connected to a business that has a purpose. You’re going to recruit the absolute best talent, right?

Josh: Because you’ve got this, you’ve demonstrated, you said, this is what we’re all about. This is where we’re going. This is what we’re going to do with all of our success. This is the impact that we’re going to have. Here’s where we’re going. The, you might alienate a bunch of people, but the people that you attract are so aligned with what you’re doing. That whole organization now is leveling itself up. If you’re very vanilla, you’re not sure what your passion is, you don’t demonstrate that. You don’t show it to anybody else, then you’re going to kind of attract the same kind of people that don’t really know where they’re going either, right?

JV: Absolutely. At the core of all of this is are you going to live a life as an entrepreneur that is only really about transactions and that’s conventional business or are you going take what I’m talking about here, this conscious path, which is always about transformation. How do you create transformation and if you want to disrupt an industry, you can do it the conventional way through transactions, but it will never be as powerful. You will never be as strong. You will never go to the heights of the highest mountains unless you do it the transformational way. How can you create a disruptive transformation in the marketplace? And to me that’s an exciting mandate. Then ask yourself, how do I accomplish that? It transforms in a positive way so that more people’s lives are better off and I disrupted the way the game is played.

Josh: That is fantastic. Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, JV Crum III. Make sure that you go right now as soon as you turn this off, don’t do anything else. Go to ConsciousMillionaire.com/FreeBook. Obviously if you just got a little small taste, this little 30 minute interview with myself and JV, I think you’re going to want more. You can get it at his free book. It’s an amazing resource. Jump into it. And also JV your podcast. Again, hundred 90 countries, 12 million listeners, guys, check out Conscious Millionaire podcast and radio network everywhere you can find podcasts. It’s amazing.

JV: You’ll find it everywhere. And if you go to ConsciousMillionaireShow.com you can sign up for it whether you want to do iTunes, Stitcher, whatever kind of device you’re listening to it. And I think we’re in 36 different directories. So I’d love for you to come be a listener and it’d be my honor for you to join me. Josh, thank you so much for having me as a guest.

Josh: Absolutely. JV, thank you so much for everything you’ve just contributed and all the value you brought to our Accelerated Investor listeners. Thank you so much.

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There are a lot of successful people in the world… entrepreneurs, business owners, and company Presidents and CEOs who have worked their way to financial freedom.

JV Crum III is one of them. As a best-selling author, international business coach, entrepreneur, investor, attorney, motivational speaker, and the Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC, JV knows a thing or two about achieving your professional dreams. 

Coming from a humble upbringing, JV became a self-made millionaire at age 25. And now, as the host of the Conscious Millionaire podcast (which has thousands of listeners worldwide), he’s passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their first or next $1 million in profits. 

But, as JV explains, success is not all about the numbers. In fact, to create long-lasting success, JV asserts that you need to add another level of consciousness to your business strategy. 

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