220 Chevy Case Study: Increased Value from $11.65M to $18.4M in 18 Months! – EP 365

It today’s 220 Chevy case study, you’ll find out how we successfully filled our vacancies and created long-term wealth.

The Values Delta: The Value-Add for Your Family, Business and Culture with Devin Durrant – EP 333

Devin Durrant is a real estate investor, a professor, author and has been an inspirational speaker for over 40 years.

Pili Yarusi on How Value-Add, Rebranding and Better Management Created a $180M Portfolio in 3½ Years! – EP 310

Today, Pili Yarusi shares how they scaled their very first deals to where they are today, and what sets great operators/syndicators apart from the rest.

#183: My First $100+ Million Deal

In this special episode that I like to call Multifamily Inc., I’m going to give you an inside look into my own deal flow. I’ve just closed on a $70 million property in Houston, one of the top two or three growth markets in the country, and I’m thrilled about the possibilities inside this property.

#177: Full-Time Multifamily Investor & Active-Duty Military

As a founding member of the Joint Chiefs of Real Estate Partners, with a founder from every branch of the military, Noel Walton has seen how military experience can directly translate to a successful real estate investing career. In the next year as he prepares to transition to civilian life, he has big plans to scale up his post-military career.