Self-storage investments

Generating Wealth with The Steady Performance of Self Storage Investing with Tom Dunkel – EP 324

Today, Tom talks about why the demand for self storage is at an all-time high and shares tips on adding self storage investments to your portfolio

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Post Pandemic Strategies for Investing in Self Storage with Scott Krone – EP 291

Scott Krone is the owner and founder of Coda Management and One Stop Self Storage and he’s built a massive self-storage portfolio.

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#126: Self-Storage Units: Recession-Proof Investments

The three Ds in storage units is a little different: death, divorce, and downsizing. This means that even in a recession, storage units are in demand as people shift into smaller apartments and lose the extra storage space in their homes. By adding storage units to your portfolio, you can add assets that steadily produce returns, even in a downturn.

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