raising capital

Leveraging Broker-Dealers to Raise Big Money with Brad Blazar – EP 370

Brad Blazar is the author of the fantastic book Winning at the Capital Game and a highly sought-after speaker on raising capital.

5 Tips for New Real Estate Investors with Will Matheson – EP 369

Today, Will Matheson shares how he started small and built a proven record of success and how the market has changed post-COVID.

The Autopilot Approach to Raising Capital with Yakov Smart – EP 366

Yakov Smart is the leader of the Investor Attraction Academy and a highly sought-after authority who helps real estate entrepreneurs.

The Mistakes Investors Need to Avoid When Raising Capital with Jeff Lerman – EP 335

Jeff Lerman is recognized nationwide as “The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer”®. His law firm helps investors nationwide with their transactions

Marcin Drozdz on The Mindset to Attract Millions for Your Next Project – EP 304

Marcin Drozdz is the managing partner of M1 Real Capital, where he’s focused on value-add multifamily properties throughout the Southeast.

Building a Brand, Raising Capital and Acquiring Assets with Josh Cantwell – ep 264

In this episode, I want to share some very simple steps that you can use to build a brand to help you raise capital and acquire more assets.

Stephanie Walter on Raising Capital, Syndications and Creating Legacy Wealth – EP 261

Stephanie Walter the is CEO of Erbe Wealth, where she’s focused on raising capital and syndications and creating legacy wealth.

Hunter Thompson on Raising Capital and Respecting the Debt Risks – EP 239

Hunter is a real state expert that helped hundreds of investors close deals in commercial real estate and controls $100M in assets.

#196: 7 Commandments for Cash Flow Investing

I’m not interested in real estate fads or hyped-up trends. I stick to these seven investing commandments because they deliver up consistently profitable properties that can handle the disruption of a recession or a pandemic, and still yield positive cash flow and equity in perpetuity.

#187: 9 Questions I Get From My Banker and Lender When Funding Apartment

I just met with the vice-president of the local regional bank that’s funding my latest $12 million deal, and these 9 questions are what he wanted to ask me. As a private lender, I’ve been on the other side of the loan equation, so I know why he wants to get a good gauge of my business practices. See how I walked him through my thought processes to earn his trust.