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Helping Property Owners Save Money with Efficient Property Management with Eli Secor – EP 377

Eli Secor is the co-founder of Landlord Gurus, which provides expert advice and resources to independent property owners and landlords.

Property Manager Neglect: Operational Risks to Your Business #3 with Josh Cantwell – EP 328

In this episode, you’ll learn how to avoid bleeding money and the critical differences between a bad property manager and a good one.

Feras Moussa on The Advantages of Building Your Own Property Management Company – EP 216

Feras Moussa is an entrepreneur at heart, with a tech background. When he left Microsoft, he found his passion for real estate.

#198: Property Management vs. Asset Management with Kyle Mitchell

Owner-operator Kyle Mitchell from the Asset Management Summit is laser-focused on data-driven decisions about his multifamily portfolio. He’s passionate about improving the performance of his property management team, and you’re going to love hearing the incredibly specific ways he improves his property management metrics.

#182: Transitioning from Single-Family to Multifamily Properties with Matt Brawner

Because Matt Brawner invests for impact and not wealth, his move from single-family to multifamily has been a well-thought-out plan that takes into account holistic goals that support his family and the community he invests in. Hear why Matt chooses to invest in people and not property data.

#154: Make Landlording Passive Again with Better Systems

If you’re a landlord with less than 10 units, and you find all of your free time consumed with your properties, you might be tempted to hire a property manager. But there’s a more affordable way if you simply build a better system for your properties from the very beginning of your business.