off-market deals

Stacking Assets & Filling Your Pipeline with Off-Market Deals with Ryan Corcoran – EP 327

Ryan Corcoran is the founder and CEO of Specialized Property Group and shares tips for finding incredible off-market deals.

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Five Strategies to Find Off-Market Deals with Stewart Beal – EP 251

Stewart Beal provides an in-depth breakdown of his fund structure, and shares why hiring real property managers is so important,

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#146: From Immigrant to Investor with 2,200 Units

Starting without friends or capital, Reed Goossens was able to build a $250 million dollar real estate portfolio by using his “6 P” strategy to build real relationships and raise money. Creating a solid foundation of trust, sometimes over years, helped him find partners to invest in multifamily properties, and even helped him score his latest off-market acquisition.

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