10 Steps to Force CapEx Improvements, Increase Rents and Generate Appreciation with Josh Cantwell – EP 355

Today, I’ll show you how our 10-step process helped us turn over 140 units in less than a year and added $6 million in real appreciation.

Case Study: Spending $2M to Scale CapEx – EP 351

You’ll learn how we financed the deal and our CapEx, how we managed our construction budget and created massive value along the way.

CapEx Expenses and Going Over Budget: Operational Risks to Your Business #2

Today, I’ll be sharing six tips that will help keep your CapEx expenses in line and your value-add projects on schedule and within budget.

Handling Bank Draws: Pro Forma Vs. Reality with Josh Cantwell – EP 271

Today, I will share a real example of pro forma vs reality, how to handle bank draws and explain yourself when things got complicated.

Josh Cantwell on Getting Your CapEx Team Rolling with Leasing Events – EP 256

Today, you’ll learn how to accelerate the turnaround on your projects, get those vacancies filled, and create positive cash flow.

52 Lake Progress Update: Creating More Value with a Bigger Budget – EP 252

Josh breaks down why we went over budget to change this deal for the better, and the importance of building relationships with your crews.

#195: Renovating Large Value-Add Apartments with Joseph Bramante

Real estate investing looked deceptively easy to Joseph Bramante, so he jumped in feet first and bought his first big property. Hear how he turned an asbestos-filled apartment into a monumental win, and why his mentors were instrumental in helping navigating what could’ve been a career-crushing purchase.

#187: 9 Questions I Get From My Banker and Lender When Funding Apartment

I just met with the vice-president of the local regional bank that’s funding my latest $12 million deal, and these 9 questions are what he wanted to ask me. As a private lender, I’ve been on the other side of the loan equation, so I know why he wants to get a good gauge of my business practices. See how I walked him through my thought processes to earn his trust.

#183: My First $100+ Million Deal

In this special episode that I like to call Multifamily Inc., I’m going to give you an inside look into my own deal flow. I’ve just closed on a $70 million property in Houston, one of the top two or three growth markets in the country, and I’m thrilled about the possibilities inside this property.

#162: The 9 Point Property Takeover Plan

When everybody on the team understands the goals and objectives of every project, it’s easier to smoothly move through the checklist. I’m going to lay out my company’s 9-point takeover plan that we follow for every project, whether it’s a single resi or a commercial apartment building.