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Running A High-Octane Offense for Success in Real Estate with Tone Robinson – Ep 276

In today’s episode, Tone talks about how he helps investors and why education is much more important than trying to predict any market.

The Real Estate Fast-Track for Multifamily Investors with Samson Jagoras – EP 224

Samson and I are talking about why big real estate is more attainable than single family homes, regardless of your level of experience.

James Kandasamy on Avoiding the Real Estate Debt Trap! – EP 220

James Kandasamy is Principal Director at Achieve Investment Group – a vertically integrated real estate company. Today, we’re talking all about how to avoid the real estate debt trap!

The Offer Process: New Listings, Tours, LOI’S and Being Awarded the Deal with Josh Cantwell – EP 219

If you’re a new or intermediate investor who has never made an offer on a broker-listed deal, this is The Process!

Feras Moussa on The Advantages of Building Your Own Property Management Company – EP 216

Feras Moussa is an entrepreneur at heart, with a tech background. When he left Microsoft, he found his passion for real estate. Market Outlook: Uncovering the Best Places to Invest in Real Estate with Daren Blomquist – EP 213

Daren Blomquist is the Vice President of Market Economics at — the nation’s largest online real estate transaction marketplace focused exclusively on the sale of bank-owned and foreclosure properties.

Acquiring & Operating Value-Add Investment Properties with Tyler Chesser – EP 211

Tyler Chesser is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CF Capital — a national real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring and operating multifamily assets.

The Busy Professional’s Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing with Vanessa Peters – EP 210

Vanessa Peters is here to talk all about investing in entitlements — the process of turning raw land into a “shovel-ready” state. This adds value to the land and can lead to BIG returns!

Air Traffic Controller Builds Multifamily Real Estate Empire – EP 209

Today, I’m talking with Barry Flavin. Barry has been investing in Real Estate for over 8 years and currently owns 1000+ units.

54 Niles Case Study – How to Buy & Exit for $1M+ in Less Than a Year! – EP 207

In this episode, I’m sharing a case study for one of our most recent properties, “54 Niles” — a 54 unit apartment building that we bought off-market for $2.43M, and could now sell for over $4M in less than a year!