multi-family real estate

#199: Multi-Family Real Estate Investing with Gino Barbaro

Do you want to look into multi-family real estate investing but aren’t sure if it’s the right time? Do you have a few multi-family investments but want to scale up? Today Gino Barbaro shares his tips that took him from being a pizza guy to being a successful multi-family real estate investor.

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#117: Look For a Deal and The Money Will Come

Once you hear Tenny Tolofari’s story, you’ll be inspired to put away your excuses and get to work building your real estate business. With a focus on relationship building, Tenny and his partner Leslie have acquired hundreds of units in just a little over a year. And instead of slowing down in the pandemic, Tenny’s unique perspective has allowed him to pause, reflect, and face this new challenge head on.

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