The Accelerated Real Estate Investor Podcast with Josh Cantwell is the go-to destination for real estate investors both active and passive, and multi-family apartment investors – new, intermediate, and advanced. Are you a multi-family real estate investor looking to retire early and have forever passive income?

We provide real estate investing education, simple but proven strategies, syndication stories, self-development hacks, and expert interviews to help you make and achieve more, and build a bigger portfolio that produces more passive cash flow, more equity, and a more fulfilling lifestyle.


 Real Estate Journey and Success with Tony Gillingham – Ep 392

In this episode, Tony Gillingham shares his real estate journey and how he found success in the industry. He discusses his early experiences buying duplexes and single-family homes, as well as his transition to larger multifamily properties. Tony explains how he came across Josh Cantwell and joined his mastermind program, which has been instrumental in his growth as a...

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Active Investing, Passive Investing and Real-Estate Syndication with Brian Davis – Ep 391

In this episode, Josh interviews Brian Davis, a real estate investor and founder of Spark Rental. Brian shares his personal journey as an investor and discusses his transition from active investing to passive investing. He also talks about his investment club, which allows individuals to invest in real estate syndication projects with smaller amounts of money. Brian emphasizes the...

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Military Veteran Pete Turner Shares Real Estate Journey – Ep 390

In this episode, Pete Turner shares his real estate journey and how he found success in the industry. He discusses his initial interest in real estate, the challenges he faced, and the pivotal moment when he closed on a property on the same day as his retirement from the military. Pete emphasizes the importance of taking action and shares...

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Real estate investor shares journey and success: Insights from Bruce Zake – Ep 389

Bruce is a seasoned real estate investor with over 13 years of experience in the industry. He is the co-founder of Cypress Venture Group, a real estate investment company based in Akron, Ohio. Bruce started his real estate journey in 2009 during the housing market crash and has since built a portfolio of rental properties. He partnered with his...

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The Latest Marketing Strategies: Insights from Mike Gleba – Ep 388

Mike Gleba is a seasoned marketing expert with over ten years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer. He now runs his own agency, 110 Media, where he helps ecommerce brands and coaches grow their businesses. Mike specializes in Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as email marketing. With a focus on scaling businesses, Mike's expertise lies in driving...

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The Future of Real Estate Investing: Opportunities and Challenges ahead with Daren Blomquist – Ep 387

Darren Blumquist is the VP of Market Economics at auction.com. He is an expert in real estate market trends and provides valuable insights into the state of the economy and real estate investing.

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He is the top residential real estate investor in his community, and has been a full-time investor since 2003. Josh has been involved in 1,000+ wholesale, rehab, rental, foreclosure, and apartment transactions, and has taught thousands of investors how to replicate his success. He is laser-focused on entrepreneurship and raising capital, and has raised over $37 million dollars to date.

While his home base is Northeast Ohio, Josh regularly partners up with other investors and even students to close deals all across the country. So no matter where you live, Josh is the man to show you how to find, structure, negotiate, fund and close investing deals for big profit.

Josh goes beyond teaching you how to do just one deal and teaches you how to build an investing empire.


At Accelerated Investor, we are good at what we do because we really “do” what we teach. Each of us is an investor currently working on deals. The materials and training that we provide reflect our best practices.

Just as important, the information we share is current and constantly being updated and revised because of an ever-changing investing market.

You may be looking into real estate investing, the stock market, crypto-currency or other alternative forms of investing to create a second income or to leave your job forever. Yes, you can make significant money in investing, but entrepreneurship can also give you the freedom to design the life you want.


We never imagined nor intended to one day be teaching thousands of people across the U.S. the strategies that we used to make millions flipping real estate.

While we enjoy the big paydays we get from successfully completing transactions in our own real estate investment business, it doesn’t rival the success we feel when a coaching student closes their first deal and has their pipeline filled with several more on the way.