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4 Traits That Accelerate Success in Life and Your Business with Caleb Johnson – EP 383

Today, Caleb Johnson talks about the 4 traits that accelerate success in life and business: responsibility to others and never quitting.

Big Reasons to Be Bullish About Multifamily Real Estate with Neal Bawa – EP 382

Neal Bawa is the founder of UGro and Grocapitus and known as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily with a $1B real estate portfolio and over 900 investors.

Maverick Mastermind Exclusive Featuring Cos Vasilatos – EP 381

Constantine “Cos” Vasilatos is President & COO of Cypress Venture Group, which invests in commercial multifamily and self-storage.

Auction.com Market Outlook: Deflation in a Recessionary Market with Daren Blomquist – EP 380

Today, Daren Blomquist discusses high-level KPIs, housing supply, distressed markets, consumer spending trends, and cautious bullishness.

Rehabbing New Properties to Prevent Future Headaches with Jennifer Barner – EP 379

Jennifer Barner is the owner and syndicator of over 1,900 doors. She’s also the host of the Mastering Money for Moms podcast.

Entrepreneurial Cheat Code – Part 2: Scale and Culture with Mike Gleba – EP 378

Mike Gleba is the Founder and CEO of One 10 Media, a seven-figure digital marketing agency focused on e-commerce brands.

Helping Property Owners Save Money with Efficient Property Management with Eli Secor – EP 377

Eli Secor is the co-founder of Landlord Gurus, which provides expert advice and resources to independent property owners and landlords.

A Holistic Wealth Strategy to Build a Legacy and Enjoy Unlimited Freedom with Dave Wolcott – EP 376

Dave Wolcott, former Marine Corps captain, creator of Pantheon Holistic Wealth Strategy, excels in real estate and alternative investments.

5 Must-Haves and 7 Mistakes to Avoid in Any Real Estate Deal with Sandhya Seshadri – EP 375

Sandhya Seshadri is the Founder and President of Engineered Capital and has built a 5,000 unit digital footprint of high net worth.

Strategies for Selecting Profitable Real Estate Markets with Rama Krishna Chunchu – EP 374

Today, Rama Krishna Chunchu shares the first thing he does in market analysis and seven questions to ask general partners before investing.