Accelerated Investor

#050: Structuring a $10 Million Apartment Deal to Create Long-Term Cashflow

Securing financing for a $10 million apartment complex is no easy feat. But, with the right systems and the right people in place, it really can be a streamlined process. Josh Cantwell shares details a recent property deal his team just closed, including how the financing was structured. If you’re hoping to build long-term wealth, this podcast is for you.

#049: Balancing Your Day Job & a Successful REI Biz

With the right attitude, tools, and team, it’s possible to run a profitable, thriving real estate investing business while still working in your previous industry or field. Brian Laporte and Chris Walsh, newbie investors who’ve quickly build a successful REI biz, share their tips for doing so.

#048: Decide What You Will Stop Doing

Building a successful business and leading a fulfilling life are two goals that all entrepreneurs hope to achieve. But, if you have emotional leeches in your life – people or things that drain your energy and time without moving you toward your goals – it’s imperative to cut them out. Josh Cantwell shares his tips for doing so.

#047: How to Achieve Big-Time Success at Any Age

Becoming a successful entrepreneur, business owner, or real estate investor takes ambition and hard work – but it’s a goal that can be attained at any age. Tyler Brummett, real estate investor and VP of Business Development for Freeland Ventures, shares his story of professional success and how he became a Director at Quicken Loans in his 20s.

#046: Avoiding the Trap of Busyness in Your Business & Life

In today’s world, it seems like everyone leads a ridiculously busy lifestyle. But frantically switching from task to task or activity to activity every day can be detrimental to your personal and professional goals, especially as an entrepreneur or business owner. Josh Cantwell shares his insight on reducing busyness and increasing focus in your life.

#045: Elevate Your Business to the Next Level

Building your own successful business is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom and live the lifestyle of your dreams. But how do you get there? Entreprenuer Sam Korramian, founder and CEO of Big Block Realty, shares the unique insights and strategies he used to grow his company into a multi-billion-dollar venture.

#044: The War of Self Discipline

In every entrepreneur, there is a constant struggle between indulging in short-term gratifications and forgoing them in favor of long-term business growth and sustainability. Josh Cantwell shares his tips for winning the war of self-discipline, which will allow you to become a successful business leader and achieve your long-term financial goals.

#043: Black Belt Leadership: How to Succeed in Life & Business

Whether you’re building a business, taking on a leadership role in the corporate world, investing in real estate, or just working on some personal goals you’d like to achieve, understanding effective leadership techniques and methods for achieving success will be imperative for your journey. Life and business coach David Wood shares his unique insight for reaching your goals.

#042: Funding Equals Freedom Series – Part 10

Understanding private placements and legislation outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is essential for every real estate investor who secures private loans from passive investors. But, the good news is this: you don’t have to be an expert in this area. Check out what Josh Cantwell has to say on this topic, which is important for every investor who raises private capital.

#041: Funding Equals Freedom Series – Part 9

Raising private capital for your real estate investments is a highly detailed process that requires relationship-building skills. Once you’ve established a connection with a potential private lender, it’s time to implement Josh Cantwell’s detailed 14-step follow up process for educating a passive investor and encouraging them to invest their capital in your properties.