Accelerated Investor

The Pursuit of Big Wins and True Happiness with Josh Cantwell – EP 247

In this episode, I talk about how to seek happiness in a world that’s never felt more divided and how you can set financial goals.

Jay Conner on The Secrets to Locating Private Money for Real Estate Deals – EP 246

Jay Conner has raised millions of dollars of private money and built a robust portfolio of single-family rentals and small apartment buildings.

Mike Zlotnik on The Economics of Highly Profitable Hotel to Multifamily Conversions – EP 245

Mike Zlotnik is the CEO of TF Management Group, LLC which runs four real estate investment funds. He has been a debt and equity investor since 2000.

David Richter on Real Estate Investing with a Profit First Mindset – EP 244

David Ritcher is the owner of Simple CFO Solutions, where his advisory services helped a company from being unprofitable to building cash reserves.

Jim Monk On The Value-Add Improvement with a 37% ROI – EP 243

Jim Monk is the President of He’s been a serial entrepreneur and helped build three multi-million dollar companies.

Pancham Gupta on The 6 Key Elements of a Profitable Real Estate Market – EP 242

Pancham is the Co-Founder of Mesos Capital, which owns and controls over $125M in assets. He’s the host of The Gold Collar Investor Podcast.

Tim Vest on Finding Bigger Profits in Smaller Multifamily Properties – EP 241

Tim Vest is the Founder of Harvest Properties Group, and has more than 15 years of experience in real estate and development.

Gino Wickman on The 6 Essential Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur – EP 240

Gino Wickman is the Founder of EOS, The Entrepreneurial Operating System, which helps others run great businesses.

Hunter Thompson on Raising Capital and Respecting the Debt Risks – EP 239

Hunter is a real state expert that helped hundreds of investors close deals in commercial real estate and controls $100M in assets.

170 Valley Case Study — Raising $7.5M in 90 Minutes! – EP 238

In today’s episode, I peel back the curtain on a 170-unit deal that I just got under contract, with an expected valuation of $14M.