Accelerated Investor

Michael Ealy on Investing In Hotels, Even If You Start Out Broke – EP 232

You’ll hear all about how Mike Ealy’s persistence to achieve greatness paid off, including his approach to investing in hotels.

From Military to Millionaire with David Pere – EP 231

David Pere and I chat about how he achieved financial freedom in 2021, and transitioned from active duty into the Marine Corps Reserve

Anthony Metzger on Closing a $11M Deal with ZERO Real Estate Experience! – EP 230

Anthony Metzger shares how he was able to close his first deal, despite not having any credibility, leverage, or experience.

10 Techniques to Add Value, Drive Income and Reduce Expenses with Josh Cantwell- EP 229

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through 10 very simple techniques and strategies that will help you drive income.

Flipping Mobile Homes for Passive Income with Jonathan Tuttle- EP 228

In my latest podcast interview, I’m speaking with Jonathan Tuttle—a real estate investor and coach who is here to talk all about flipping.

Building Your Real Estate Dream Team – EP 227

I just got off the phone with one of my coaching members, and he posed a very good question that I thought would be great for the podcast.

How Whitney Sewell Scaled to Over 1,000 Doors in Only 4 Years! – EP 226

In my latest podcast interview, I’m speaking with Whitney Sewell, who went from no experience in real estate, to scaling to over 1,000 doors valued at $150 million—in just 4 years!

164 Heights Case Study: How Great Teams Overcome Great Challenges- EP 225

In this case study, I’ll break down our purchase of 164 Heights and show you why great teams can overcome great challenges.

The Real Estate Fast-Track for Multifamily Investors with Samson Jagoras – EP 224

Samson and I are talking about why big real estate is more attainable than single family homes, regardless of your level of experience.

52 Lake Case Study: Increased Value from $3M to $5.2M! – EP 223

Josh Cantwell walks you through the steps for acquiring the building, making upgrades, and increasing the value from $3M to $5.2M!